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massimo fiorio

-internet pal from italy and extremely prolific songwriter and performer behind the bands bosvelt (his solo project), wynona (internet-based collaboration with his friend lee of the band estobahn from england), and slumber (he plays bass.) we've been exchanging discs through the mail since september 2001, although recent world events have slowed mail incoming to the states (his take about a month to arrive.) massimo creates many a brilliant melody at the speed of robert pollard and with the skill of pollard and frank black.

rick kakareka

-software advisor and all around nice guy. I've collaborated with rick on many occasions and continue to do so. rick can be heard "fa-la-la-la-la"-ing in the background of "assman from outer space," and has inspired a good number of the harmonies heard in other songs off of scrawl. also recently laid down some uke tracks for yes, mr. smittercase. you can hear rick at the helm in his own project, fiddlemyth with a simple click of the fiddlemyth. also a most fascinating fabricator of fiction, and like martin newell, makes his own beer! rick and my brother go as far back as grade school, but rick came into the picture for me slightly later. glad he did, for we share a spiritual link not easily found in this day and age. Also a philosopher, teacher of philosophy and yoga, and patent researcher.

dave klug

-world class illustrator and musical history sharer. who would have thought that the drummer for my first actual band would become the world reknowned illustrator for publications such as the new york times, fortune, forbes, wall street journal, and family circle, just to name a few. you can check out his work at not only a great artistic talent, but also the closest thing to keith moon in this mortal coil. a furious drummer indeed, and completely self-taught. though we haven't been able to collaborate musically for quite a few years, we are currently whipping together ideas for a line of children's books.

chris maruzzelli

-long-time musical companion with the same ears. played with chris in former original bands syd sartre and glisten. an immaculate drummer, who currently fronts up and coming "east coast" band wax. currently working with chris on the yes, mr. smittercase cd, and immediately following that, a chris solo project. did i say "immaculate vocalist" as well? if i didn't, i should have. hums incessantly while recording drum tracks, probably because he carries a completely arranged version of a song in his head wherever he goes. compact and easy to carry. also a devoted family man and insurance administrator. fully wacky and has the same idea of what makes a perfect song as i do.

steve maruzzelli

-even longer-time musical companion with somewhat similar ears. steve has added guitar licks to many a tune, dating back to syd sartre (although our comradery/competition goes back eight years earlier), and was a full-time member of glisten despite geography. you can hear steve's miraculous fretboard manipulations on "song i didn't want to write" and "not john barrymore," and i hope to get him back into town soon for more. also guitarist for the new york bands gangbox and the band that saved your life, a wiz at videography and has done soundtracks for and appeared in the films of Kevin Lindenmuth (nyc cult director), among others.

dj mook

-not quite as long a musical companion as the others, but he'll do. more of a software exploring pal and cybernaut buddy. you can take a listen to the pseudo-experimental trance/ambient sounds of dj mook simply by clicking on the dj mook. has also dabbled in rap and house, and is currently working on his debut cd. also a pro at graphic arts, website construction, an excellent "dot" artist and a budding poet. we've worked together on a piece of punk music about the NEPA hamlet of "edwardsville," notorious for its backwards civilization.

jim o'brien

-brilliant comedian, writer and director. nepa native jim has settled his funny bones in sunny los angeles, a likely location for someone of his off-kilter talent. currently jim is leading the comedy troupe full grown men in a series of video vignettes, as well as continuing his stand-up and improv appearances at some of the top clubs in the american southwest. you can check out what's going on with jim at, where you can also find his new cd, I Read It In The Weekly World News. jim and i collaborated on some comedic song/experiments a few years back (one of these can be heard at, and if all goes well, we shall continue to do so. jim also employs the masterful guitar talents of steve maruzzelli on his musical efforts.

eric schlittler

-creative genius behind kid icarus and summersteps records. eric is a master showman, playing occasionally in the scranton area. he's got some songs from his incredible maps of the saints cd on, and has a number of intriguing releases available at the summersteps website, including the jandek tribute naked in the afternoon. naked features performances by such luminaries as pete weiss, thurston moore's dapper, gary young (formerly of pavement), and, of course, kid icarus. eric's latest, be my shadow, should be out soon.

pete weiss

-king of the space rodeo sound and leader of theWeisstronauts. Pete found me at back in January 2001. I guess "quirky" would be the quality that we found so appealing in each others music. His music (which you can find mp3s and video at and leftover holiday treats at has got to be the closest thing to Joe Meek on the planet, or in space, or wherever he happens to be. Also an extremely busy and talented studio wiz, producing and engineering many a fine crafted tune from cutting edge artists mostly in and around the Boston area.

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