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Amanda's Bio

The brightest star signed to Clive Davis's label 'J-Records', Amanda Latona is rapidly causing a buzz on the music scene. Born in Pittsburgh Pa, and raised in Orlando florida, She knew at an early age she wanted to be involved in the entertainment field some way or another. Her early jobs were acting and singing in various off-Broadway shows. She worked at Universal Studios, and Disney World for most of her life.
Her big break came when she was 18, she got a call from Lynn Harless to be a member of a new Girl Group called Innosense, however things didnt work out with her and the group , so after recording one song with them (wherever you are) she left, to persue her own solo career.
It didn't happen overnight, Amanda never gave up her dream , she worked on demo's, songs and worked with song writers. She was determined to make her dreams come true.
Then a few years later, Amanda Latona got her record deal at J-records! Clive Davis was blown away by her voice, and signed her in 10 minutes.
Amanda has great pride in her religion and is not ashamed to let people know of her relationship with Jesus Christ.
She sings in her church choir and attends church as much as possible.
With her lovely charm and angelic voice, Amanda is destined for stardom!

Florida native, 23 year-old Amanda Latona, is one of the newest acts to be signed by Clive Davis's label, "J-Records". Born in Pittsburgh, PA and raised in Orlando, Fl, Amanda was born to entertain. Singing in the church choir was just the beginning. Her early jobs include singing and acting in various off-broadway shows at Universal Studios and Disney.

At 18, Latona received a call from Lynn Harless to join an up and coming female vocal group named Innosense. After recording one song released over seas, "Wherever You Are", she left the group to pursue a solo career in the Pop/R&B field.
Never giving up on her dream, Latona worked relentlessly with songwriters and recorded her demo in hopes of landing a record deal. Her dream came true. Latona's hard work paid off after getting signed by Clive Davis to his new label, "J-Records", in only 10 minutes!

As stated on her official site
New York, NY- Gorgeous rock/pop singer Amanda Latona has already amassed thousands of fans and inspired over 1500 websites in her honor. Her rising star has already dazzled press outlets ranging from Popstar to W Magazine to the New York Times Magazine who is chronicling the journey of her debut.

YM magazine has selected Amanda as the musical artist on the YM Fashion and Music Explosion Tour, sponsored by JCPenney this summer. And now, since signing to J Records last year, this beautiful and talented artist is set to make her solo debut with single Can't Take It Back on July 22nd. The up-tempo track, co-written by Taylor Rhodes (Aerosmith's #1 Cryin' and more) and Meredith Brooks, perfectly encapsulates Amanda's strong spirit and stellar vocal ability. Lyrically, the song demonstrates a theme of confidence and independence for women everywhere.

The YM Fashion and Music Explosion Tour, sponsored by JCPenney will take Amanda through five cities where she will perform three songs including Can't Take it Back, I Quit and her remake of Joan Jett's rock anthem Hate Myself for Loving You. All three tracks will appear on Amanda's debut album set for release in early 2003.

Full Name: Amanda Marie Latona
Height: 5'5
Age: 23
Sign: Aries (Like me lol)
Pets: A and Kayci, Cat named Buddy
Nicknames: Mand, Manda, Panda Boojie, Poopy, AL, etc.
Birthdate: March 24, 1979
Hometown: Pittsburgh, Penn.

Food: Junk Food
Sport: Bowling
Drink: Chocolate Yoo-Hoo
Video Game: Super Mario Brothers
Colors: Black, Silver, and Violet
Cologne/perfume: Curves/Jean Paul Gaultiere/Seaspray
City: Las Vegas
Movie: Happy Gilmore
Sports Team: Pittsburgh Steelers