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the whole family of the classes...
(form four to upper six)
group photo of u6s1 (1993), smb methodist, sibu
standing: chek ming, sing king, liong hung, siong ong, hoo kiong, xue lin(?), ?, lisa
sitting: siew jun, tee yong, lawrence, kee chin, mr tan, sharon, me, jenny, maria
class: upper six science one (u6s1), 1993
group photo of l6s1 (1992), smb methodist, sibu
back: ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, abang yusuf, lawrence, ?, ?, hong tak(?), siew jun
middle: ?, hoo kiong, maria, ann ann, chin yien, jenny sharon, ?, ?, kat yien, xue lin(?), lisa
front: doh hiik, kee chin, tiong jau, liong hung, chek ming, me, mr tant, tee yong, keith, ?, siong ong
class: lower six science one (l6s1), 1992
group photo of 5d (1991), smb methodist, sibu
back: chek ming, liong hung, michael, keith, richard, sing lu, kevin, lawrence, me, conrad, yee liong(?), siew jun, tee yong, tung kee, abang yusuf, calvin
middle: stephen, yik ting, siew hung, ann ann, mee ling, jenny, chin yien, ling ling, cheng tarng, wendy, ching yee, lay yew(?), tiong jau
front: sharon, ging ging, ?, teck sang, maria, susan, pn norizan, wan yaw, ai lang, kat yien, hui chean, xue lin(?), hoo kiong, ping eng
class: five d (5d), 1991

a simple farewell ceremony for pn norizon
a group photo with pn norizan after a very simple farewell ceremony for her in 5d class.

group photo of 4d (1990), smb methodist, sibu
back: liong hung, michael, chek ming, siew jun, tee yong, conrad, sing lu, wan yaw, kevin, yee liong, tung kee, richard, lawrence, abang yusuf, keith, stephen
middle: ?, sharon, maria, wendy, pei kee, ann ann, jenny, yuh tyng, ling ling, yik ting, lu ching(?), ging ging, ching yee, kat yien, mei ling, me
front: susan, hoo kiong, hui chean, xue lin(?), cheng tarng, pn norizan, pak mieu, ai lang, teck sang, betty£¬yi mei(?), chin yien
class: four d (4d), 1990
transition class to form three
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