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A Hip Tale

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Well welcome to another Tragically Hip fan page. We are linked together with one thing in common a connection through a powerful medium, music. We are devoted to, follow, and praise das hips. Gord and Gord, Bob, John and Paul. We all have stories to tell, We take pride in our hipness, I take pride in my Kingstoness. The hip stay close to their roots and play good ole' rock 'n' roll. With deep meaning, the lyrics and the sounds are legendary, They are Canada's great rock heros playing with a quality known true to all Canadians - PRIDE.

"In Between Evolution": June 29th 2004
Along with the CD comes a secret club show tour plotted for Calgary, Edmonton, Vancouver and Toronto. Ticket sales were limited, and only open to Tragically Hip newsletter subscribers. Each show sold out in less than 2 minutes. The rest of the tickets to be given away by various radio stations. The new album is the most anticipated hip album in years, produced by Adam Kasper out of Seattle who has produced for Pearl Jam. A unique sounding album, all songs written and approved by the Tragically Hip. The first single Vaccination Scar is getting a lot of air play. The new album, is more guitar driven.

Concert Reviews 1993 - 2004


Summer of Grade 8, the muddiest, the rainiest, the greatest! We were in general admission, on the the Hip's 50 yard line inching closer to the stage the music was amazing, Gord in his white outfit stood out pefectly! The rain answered our prayer to cool us off. The most rememorable song was Smalltown Bringdown. How fitting, New Orleans sent me flying on my ass! and Hundreth Meridian boosted us what felt like 15 feet from the stage, those RMC boys really know how to take advantage of a high 15 year old. I spoke about this for months.


O.K. been there, got the T-shirt, need another one! The need is there, I know what I want, I got it twice. Day for Night. The coolest time of all, Memorial Center, Kingston Ontario myself and 12 of my closest highschool buddies. We scored General seating again. We fought our way to the stage. it took about and hour (a few left handed cigarettes too). Grace, the greatest opener of any concert anyware, of anytime. Blow at High Dough, Wheat Kings, 50 Mision Cap, Greasy Jungle, Scared, Nuatical Disaster. smokes, drugs, and alcohol one of the best parties of all time. I still claim I saw Gord D. after the show, at the back, but something stopped me from approaching. I thought it would be more mature to leave him be.

Copps Colisium, was rockin' as well, we were well back the sound was great, Gord echoing his rants or speeches I'll never forget this one, I really felt a sense of community as I watched das hips and 30,000 fans were feeling the same thing I was. Opiation. ha ha.


Camp Trillium benefit show, the most researched concert of so many. So they made an announcement that The Hip are comming back to the hometown, our work was cut out - find out where they are playing, along with 125,000 Kingstonians. At the Iron Horse Saloon that week we, amongst others, noticed a sign on the window "CLOSED July 2nd, due to a private function", well there's our tip. We set up camp with about 40 or 50 other hipsters. What a classic sight. We got our tickets and were ready to rock! What a show, a great preview of the upcomming album. Nice to see the Ice Storm written about, ( the hip were in Kingston during this crisis) I am refering to Something's On. Those words were echoed throught Ontario and Quebec, after (up to) 2 weeks in the dark. The classic hits rocked, the new tunes were cool, we wished we new the words. Thanks Guys, it was nice to see you again.

We are blessed with 2 shows which I had the pleaseure of attending. It is now my second year of college, I have grown up with the hip, they are the coolest. First show I had 3rd deck tickets, The sound was amazing A great stage and an overall atmosphere of togetherness. You can always hear everyone signing from those seats, it's pretty powerful. I met up with an old friend that night. great things usually happen like that a the shows.

The second show was very unique, 43rd row on the floor, I had spotted our seats the previous night. On the 7th my brother and I drove and stayed over night. I returned to Belleville the next afternoon. A 3 hour drive made in 2.5 not bad. A few drinks later in the Hard Rock and it was show time, another great expereince, they sounded more refined the second night, with twice as much energy!


Unbelievable!, Great Show. The Tragically Hip pulls it off, a 3hr rock show! They proved once again why they are Canada's #1 rock group. The Hip showed thier true artistry in fine fasion. Chris Brown was amazing, stealing the show during Wheat Kings, Kate Fenner was steller as well. The Song that stands out most is "Don't Wake Daddy" Gord screamed out the chorus line, as if wanting to wake up all of Alberta! quite exciting.Gord was galopping over the monitors and ranting about snowplows, and stampedes. Great artistic opener and ode to Chris and Kate, Tiger the Lion, then blasting into Courage. This concert was a journey, perfectly balanced. with no lows, and no climax, Hundreth Meridian was the crowd favorite sing along, The Hip worked hard for us and we appreciate every second. My favorite songs were, fireworks, poets, music@work, and little bones. of course I loved all the songs.
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July 14th 2002, a great day to remember. What a Festival: Stage 13. The Hip came on just after 10pm and opened with Use it up, Music at Work, and New Orleans. The Crowd was so amazing, at one point my glasses fell off and everyone cleared out and helped me find them in the chaos. The Hip ROCKED. Gord was enjoying himself, doing a lot of dancing, compared to the "evening with" tour. IAGLIYDW sound great, with the stars in the air. Listening to the crowd during Grace too, felt as if we were all one family. The crowd surfers were careful, and there was much warning allocated as to, if one was heading our way. Blow as a closer was electrifying!! Bobcaygeon and Wheat Kings fliurished with greatness. Overall the concert was short and to the point with lots of rock!! the crowd was intense, but safe. Can't wait till they come around again in the fall.
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Date: September 23rd Location: Southern Jubilee Audtorium, Calgary. Event: The Tragically Hip's ~BEST~ live performance! It was a beautiful evening, every song was perfect. The band was TIGHT, And Gord was at his old antics again. With only 2000 (or so) tickets available only true hip fans were in attendance, no Captain Canadas to be seen. It was a great concert with Escape is at hand.... and Freaked Turbulance being the highlights as they are "rare" songs to heard. It was a good night I am sooo happy to have heard such a great concert. Gord sung Long Time Running so personally it was "fresh" as if they just wrote and released each song.It was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G


June 23rd 2004, The Whiskey, 2:30pm I go to check things out and....I hear sound check clear as a bell while having lunch. We ended getting to stand in line, at 6:20 with about 30 others, and the crowd was growing steadily after. The show was awesome! The new songs were great, my favourite was a song called "your're everywhere" it's a catchy little tune. Gord was in full force again. He thanked the contest winners for "answering skill testing questions, and such" and also lwtting us know that he can never find courage, "courage? where are you?" also the hip can't lose even when the front man says "here's a song that we wrote, it's's that song" That is the true definition of "the tragically hip" when interpreted literally.
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Calgary 11/19/04

The band was tight, and ripped through the set like clockwork, Gord was into it as soon as they walked on stage, no surprises in the setlist, the crowd was all over each tune, really into the show, and very energetic, compared to other shows. Even the second level were on their feet, opposed to the last show at the dome in 2000. The highlight for me, was how amazing "Are We Family" sounds live, I do not like the album version, but live this song is amazing, and on the screen behind the band was a close up of a little girls eyes. Brilliant! When they started of with Scar, Fully and Poets, I knew we were in for a loud rocking show, Bobcageon was great as well, Fully was insane the crowd was crazy tonight, and 100th Meridian was a favourite as well. Scared was a really nice treat. All in all a great show, couple of guys behind us started to sing Oh Canada, and the place cheered, and sang along. What is with people coming in late? I was in the 3rd row, and they were probably about 40-50 people didn't show until a few songs into it. Overall a great show, highlights for me, were, the opening three songs, Blow, Scared, and Are we Family. And Gord was really on tonight, I noticed Paul's back up vocals were much more noticable, I think he put a little extra in that night as well.
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