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the last show

lots of this

lead to this

the giraffes

girl harbor

johnny & maze from ben's band, dopamine

we'd like to thank the Brought Low
for also playing that night.

we'd like to thank our friends:
jimmy spoiler, jeffrey william mensch, jens thuroe carstensen III for making anything possible at all ever
james jeffrey, joely hams, dave c & cooper for helping us out and for rocking hard
david burton for giving us the good shows
karen o, nick zinner, brian chase for being amazing every single time
ethan marunas for love and secret time changes and crooning
uncle mitro for coffee and the reverb tank in the red basement
nick heller for cramming so much help in so little time
tris mccall and leslie speaker for reasons beyond regular human comprehension (the jersey crew gets props)
cbgb, mercury lounge, brownies, north 6, luxx, siberia, the cooler, the continental, meow mix, galapagos, don hills - thanks for having us
thanks to the people that came to see us play. we did it for you. and damien paris.