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You ask, "Torese, you feel like opening one box?"

Torese asks, "from?"

Triya says, "me"

Triya nods.

You say, "Zombie"

Triya exclaims, "hey!"

You nod to Triya.

Triya folds her arms over her chest.

Torese begins chuckling at Triya.

Torese nods to you.

Torese asks, "do you use hard traps?"

Torese peers quizzically at Triya.

Triya giggles.

Torese says, "I'll take a look at it"

Torese nods to you.

Triya nods.

Triya exclaims, "springs and scarabs!"

Triya exclaims, "Gotta be skilled!"

Torese squints at Triya.

Torese says, "least she didnt say scales"

Torese wipes the sweat from his brow.

You remove an enruned silver coffer from in your black silk cloak.

You offer your silver coffer to Torese.

Torese has accepted your offer and is now holding an enruned silver coffer.

Torese begins to meticulously examine an enruned silver coffer.

whisper triya Sorry... had to log that.

Triya says, "I gotta get one of those installed"

Torese stares off into space.

You whisper quietly to Triya.

Torese stares at Triya.

Torese says, "you did make this box didnt you"

Triya glances at you and begins to wail!

Triya nods.

Having found a trap on the coffer, Torese begins to attempt to disarm it...

Torese nods with satisfaction.

Triya says, "It will sing a bad song when you open it"

Torese exclaims, "bug down!"

You laugh out loud!