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Took place January 26th, 2002, 7 pm est

[Town Well] The old well is made of flat stones built up around a circular opening. A slate roof overhangs the opening, keeping the drinking water clear and refreshing. Several skin water buckets, with long ropes attached, are scattered on the hard-packed earth surrounding the well. You also see a stout rope hanging over the rim of the well. Also here: Magger, Zary, Alodie, Gertilda, Leydia, Marius, Karalyn, Kriz, Apprentice Andara, Lady Aurorah, Sage Mignon Obvious paths: south, northeast, northwest.

(Alodie grabs her lockpick and stares at the snow, then dives in, pulling out a huge chunk of ice. Ice starts to fly in every direction and when it settles again, she's pointing at her creation.) Alodie smiles and points at her creation. A pristine white rolton stands in mid-bleat, its curved fangs of polished ice reflecting your image. Hundreds of tiny pieces of shaved, curled ice make up its fluffy pelt, and painstaking detail has been worked into its curved horns, each striation perfectly etched. Its tiny eyes are faceted like diamonds, reflecting the light and causing it to dance around the cavern. One sharp-edged hoof is resting on what appears to be a gladiator games trophy.

Rainne smiles as she holds up a sculpture of Kyll fleeing from a ferocious elf-eating trash can.

Rainne smiles as she holds up a sculpture of Suroth staring blankly at a small scroll.

Rainne smiles as she holds up a sculpture of Jesh reaching into Gertilda's pocket.

Rainne smiles as she holds up a sculpture of Aurorah and Rainne, eaching holding up a glass in toast, mischevious grins on each of their faces.

(Magger follows Alodie's lead and using his fist-scythe he dives in, pulling out a huge chunk of ice. Ice starts to fly in every direction and when it settles again, he's pointing proudly at his creation.)) Magger smiles at his vivid portrayal of himself humbly accepting his prize for first place in todays challenge. The statue of Magger is and awesome sight to behold. His armor looks as if it is straining to contain his powerful physique. A goathide mantle rest easily upon his massive shoulders. His chiseled muscles and braided beard face make you gasp in envy. Both hands hold small, yet deadly, weapons and a faint glint of insanity lights his eyes.

(Zary shows her sculpture: A haughty Elven Priestess standing behind an icy alter, arms outstretched. You can not quite make out the form on the altar, nor do you want to. Blue-green shadow stain the altar eerily. In front of the altar stands a jackal, who's claws scratched out the word, 'Sheru')

(Suroth reaches down into the snow and sculpts a crude human rogue that looks fine except for the lack of a head)

(Kriz gathers some snow into a pile in front of him and sets to work shaping and forming something. His actions are hidden behind his cloak but the sounds of chewing can be heard from his direction. After a few minutes he leaps to his feet and displays his creation.) Kriz smiles as he steps aside. Where he once knelt stands a rather large cookie jar formed of snow and ice. A small bite mark is visible on the lip of the jar. Kriz reaches down into the jar and pulls out a handful of cookies made from snow. He begins to shove the snow cookies into his mouth one after another, covering himself in snow in the process. Then he glances at the cookie jar, pauses a moment as if thinking, and finally grabs the cookie jar and begins to eat it as well!

Rainne smiles as she holds up a sculpture of Leydia who is indicating at a wand in her right hand with a playful grin on her face. The base of the sculpture words the title: The Next Victim.

Andara smiles in triumph as she proudly displays a pegasus sculpture. The sculpture is of a pegasus mare, running with her foal beside her. Their wings are extended in preparation for flight, and the light glints off of each tiny feather and hair. A trick of the light makes the tiny foal appear to be coal black.

Rainne smiles as she holds up a sculpture of Khaladon holding a fistful of lightning bolts while munching on a cookie, a bored expression shows on his face.

Kriz smiles as he puts his little snow sculpture of Kriz up to Rainne's Khaladon sculpture. It appears that little Kriz is kicking little Khaladon in the rear!

(Leydia points proudly at her meticulously sculpted castle complete with intricate gargoyles and handsome guards at the entrance, a beautiful woman gazes out of a tower window with a dreamy look on her face as she stares into the vast area beyond her)

Rainne smiles as she holds up a sculpture of a scowling Kylin, surrounded by a number of youngins planting smooches.

Kriz smiles while playing with a little snow figurine that looks surprisingly like Suroth. He slowly breaks off all of the limbs before crushing the rest in his palm and tossing it down the well.

Aurorah smiles with relief as her sculpture is finally finished. A large, languid looking wisp supports the image of a female sylvan leaning upon it. Vivid rays of dying sunlight paint her hair a brilliant red, and somehow light up her eyes, which shine with mischief. A lascivious smile dapples the full lips of the lifelike carving. Aurorah smiles with a wink as your eyes travel down the curves of the wisp, and the many voluptuous curves of the sylvan lass. You notice she is clutching an elaborately carved mandolin in her right arm. Her short skirt crests just inches above the tops of her thigh high boots, showing off creamy sculpted thighs. At the base of the scupture are carved the words, "Aurorah In Repose".

Rainne smiles as she holds up a sculpture of several dark forces appearing to be performing a dainty jig in unison. Off to the side, Blixx stands watching with amusement.

(Karalyn moves to the side of her creation. A life-sized lockpick gleams in the late winter sun. The handle is outlined in diamonds and emeralds that glitter in the waning light. The tip of the lockpick is buried in an ice-locked strongbox. It must be the light! Because you are SURE you saw that pick move slowly as if opening the frozen treasure. What could possibly be locked away in that enormous box? Before your dreams can become reality, you cover your mouth and cry out as the entire creation disolves in front of your eyes!)

Rainne smiles as she holds up a sculpture of Dwil and Rainne lying the middle of a circle of kobolds.

Kairh smiles as she points over at her lovely sculpture of a very life like Snow white Cat. The cat has delicate tuffs of curled icy fur shimmering beautifully in gentle light. the Cat's tail is held up proudly.Its icy eyes are beautiful crystal blue orbs. Upon the cat's face appears to be a very detailed smirk as it gaze falls to a tiny iced mouse clutched in her paws.

Rainne smiles as she holds up a sculpture of grinning Aedrik leaning against a giant pink kobold.

Gertilda smiles to herself as she circles the mound of snow. (Gertilda builds up the edges of the mound on three sides, making the one in the middle twice as high as the ones on either side.) Gertilda smiles as she adds detail to the three mounds, creating what is starting to look like a chair of some kind. (Gertilda builds up some snow in the middle creating a seat for the chair, which is now starting to look more like a throne.) (Gertilda grabs a huge armful of snow and plops it into the middle of the throne. (Gertilda smiles broadly as she skillfully and swiftly forms the mound in the middle into a form resembling a dwarven female, complete with a luxurious snowy beard. (Gertilda grabs tiny handfuls of snow, adding depth and texture to the dwarven form in the middle. You can tell now that it is a buxom lass indeed!) Gertilda grunts gleefully, rubbing her hands together! Gertilda smiles as she picks up a small handful of dirt. She sprinkles the dwarven lass with tiny specks of dirt. It looks like it could resemble fleas. (Gertilda , grabbing another handful of snow, sculpts a glorious crown to put atop the gorgeous creature's head. With another handful, she sculpts a beautiful scepter to place in her hand.) Gertilda smiles as she circles the sculpture in progress, rubbing her beard and grunting softly to herself. (Gertilda suddenly says "aha! I know what's missing!" as she starts to mound smaller forms around the base of the throne.) Gertilda smiles and quickly forms the individual mounds at the base of the throne to resemble elves, complete with pointy ears. (Gertilda completes the details on the elves, and you can now tell that they are worshipping the dwarven goddess seated in the throne, looks of total admiration on their faces. In their hands are tiny gongs. They hold them up to the goddess as offerings. (Gertilda smiles as she admires her completed work, saying, "I call it, my dreamland."

Rainne smiles as she holds up a sculpture of Suroth pretending to be a warrior, wizard, ranger, and a cleric at the same time.

Aurorah smiles as she holds up a sculpture of Kylin dressed resplendently in tutu and pointe slippers. He is performing an elegant move on tiptoe with one foot, the other leg raised behind him at a rakish angle. Clutched in his hand is a tiny star topped wand.

Rainne smiles as she holds up a sculpture of Rainne settling down to pick the difficult lock on a rotting monir strongbox. Below it reads: Before the Gas Cloud.

(Magger holds up a miniature sculpture of a dwarf reading from a long curled scroll labeled 'Alibi's". The front of the miniature is written with the immortal words 'I'm Innocent!')

Rainne smiles as she holds up a sculpture of Rayvynne proudly showing off an apparently bound giantman.

(Leydia points proudly at her meticulously sculpted castle complete with intricate gargoyles and handsome guards at the entrance, a beautiful woman gazes out of a tower window with a dreamy look on her face as she stares into the vast area beyond her)

Rainne smiles as she holds up a sculpture of Gertilda leaning against a giant barrel labeled DEATH RUM while beaming with pride.

Llillith smiles as she dives into the pile of fluffly snow. A blizzard of flakes obscures your vision for a few moments. As the snow settles, you see Llillith proudly displaying a snow sculpture of a magnificent war rat with one leg placed triumphantly on a dead panther's body. The corpse of the panther has large X's where the eyes should be, and a large icicle protrudes where the icy heart of the feline would be located.

Rainne smiles as she holds up a sculpture of Mignon adjusting a pair of reading glasses while squinting at an extremely thick book.

(Periam shaves off peices of the pile on one side, creating a vertical drop from its highest point.) (Periam jumps up and down on the snow he shaved off, flattening it out.) (Periam kicks at two opposite sides of his pile, packing the snow into the shape of a right triangle.) Periam smiles as he uses his dagger to smooth out the sides of his sculpture. Periam smiles as he makes small marks along the two opposide sides of his sculpture at regular intervals. (Periam begins carving stairs along the marks on his sculpture.) (Periam quickly collects some more snow into a low pile at the bottom of the stairs.) (Periam uses his sock-covered hands to shape the small pile of snow into the shape of a small humanoid body.) (Periam finishes adding a few details to the small humanoid figure at the bottom of his stairs, then glances up.) (Periam steps away from his sculpture and glances over it.) Periam says, "Hmm." (Periam suddenly runs towards the small humanoid figure and jumps on it repeatedly, mangling it horrible.) Periam smiles as he indicates his finished sculptire. A halfling-sized staircase carved out of packed snow with a mangled humanoid corpse laying at its feet. Periam says, "I call it, "Dwil Descending a Staircase""

Rainne smiles as she holds up a sculpture of a lopsided snowman standing firm against a tackle by Disalusion.

Rayvynne smiles thoughtfully as her fingers begin to dance over and through the snow, as if lost to a reverie, rather than moving with distinctive intent. (Rayvynne closes her eyes, and small forms begin to define themselves within the snow, emerging as three small figures.) (Rayvynne concentrates carefully as the the masses of snow and ice resolve themself into a cohesive whole. An ancient stone alter fashioned with loving care, a small lass pronated with grief before it. Behind the alter a lovely woman with long hair stands tall and proud, a scythe in one hand, a hawk hovering over her shoulder offers the grief stricken lass comfort. With a sigh, Rayvynne opens her eyes and regards her work with wonder.)

Gwalmachei says, "I have found this block of ice which has a marvelous flaw running through it" Gwalmachei removes a drake dagger from in his forest green boots. (Gwalmachei studies the block of ice intently) (Gwalmachei raises the dagger and strikes the block just so) (Gwalmachei proudly points to a sculpture of a gallant half elf backed against an oak tree, brandishing a longsword in front of him as he stands off a horde of axe wielding orcs. The bodies of several orcs litter the ground in front of him. In the background you can see another oak beginning to fall as the orcs chopping it down cut through the last bit of the trunk.)

Askelon smiles sagely as he steps back to examine his work. Before him stand a rather peculiar scene. A heavily armored human of noble appearance, his square-jawed face lined with shoulder-length lockes of hair, brandishes a mighty sword before a towering, great-winged demon. His surcoat bears the Coat-of-Arms for the Order of the Crimson Fist. At his feet lies the slumped bodies of another human and two minor fiends. Inscribed upon the base of the sculpture is the following, "Sir Gallestan the Mighty battles Xaanthel'lierra the Black Fang - The Breaking, Third Faendryl War, c. 4842"

(Furie chisels oh so carefully away at the top of the ice as you can see the remnants of a face.) (Furie slowly brushes away ice shavings from the face of a beautiful woman.) (Furie starts lining his sword and slowly working his way down what appears to be long and slender hair.) (Furie cuts down to the middle of the ice block shaping a body.) (Furie chisels a beautiful gown.) (Furie starts to cut away the bottom of the gown with lace and ruffles where it rests.) Furie adding his final touches he cuts two of the most beautiful pairs of feet you have ever seen.) (Furie finally he kisses the statue on the forehead.) Furie says, "Me mum."

Jaired smiles as he displays his marvelously carved... er... piled mound of... snow? Yes, that sure is what it looks like. A mound of snow... with "Massive Pile of Coins" sloppily written on the side. But atop it lies a little ice sculpture of a man lounging about as if he were at the top of the world... or in this case a pile of riches. The detailing is no less astounding of the man's content, care-free expression all of the way down to the eye brows. But who wouldn't be exactly as such upon such a massive pile of snow? Er coins...

1st Place: Gertilda, 2nd Place: Gwalmachei, 3rd Place: Andara