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Instructions for Wizard users:

1. Copy and paste all of the text on the selected page.
2. Go to your wizard and click on SCRIPTS. Then click on CREATE NEW SCRIPT.
3. A small, separate window should pop up. On the top right corner, select on of two choices. COMMAND LINE means you will be able to manually type a command to start the script. The command you will need to type is a <.> followed by the filename (Example: .attack). Choosing SCRIPT MENU will allow to look through each script title before selecting one listed under EXECUTE A SCRIPT.
4. Under filename, enter name you would like the script to be saved as. Enter in something short or easy to remember.
5. Leave the description field blank and hit the CREATE button.
6. A blank word-processing document should appear. Paste the copied text onto the blank document and SAVE.




*Disclaimer! The owner of this site and the creators of these scripts DO NOT support afk-scripting. Therefore, we did not make any, nor will we. Scripts that we have created for the purposes of running through town to gain experience have been set up so that you can go through each phase only once. We will not be held responsible for those who choose to abuse these scripts.


All below pages are in a separate frame for your convenience.


Landing Scripts

From the nexus to TSC
From TSC to the nexus
Landing (from outside N. Gate) to the N. Caravansary
Small Park to Warcats
Warcats to Small Park

Icemule Scripts

Icemule, Level 0-1
TC to the portal


Beach to the Broken Tower
Beach to the Lagoon
Beach to the Lake
Caravansary Green to Castle Varunar
Caravansary to the Landing

River's Rest

Portal to Krolvin Pirates
Krolvin Pirates to the Portal


Zul Logoth


Portal to the Dais
Dais to the portal


Portal to the grate
Grate to the portal
Grate to Zombies
Portal to Arch Wights


Carli's Page of Logs and Tales
The Coven (Elanthian Bestiary)
Tsoran's Maps
Lost Ranger's GSIII Utilities