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Feb 7th, 2002 afternoon, eyes of Carli

go gate [Icemule Trace, Ice Garden] Alpine flowerbeds ring this tucked-away courtyard, their bright colors a feast for the eyes in comparison to the white of all the snow that lies beyond the gate. Tamped snow paths keep footsteps soft in this small haven as travellers make their way to and from the chambers north of here. Centered in a bed of white edelweiss and aromatic purple-flowered calamintha is an ice fountain, its watery spray frozen in a sparkling plume. You also see the Gertilda disk, a vengeful spirit and a wrought-iron gate. Also here: a stunned Gertilda, Periam Obvious paths: north.

You exclaim, "Out of my home!"

You stare at a vengeful spirit.

A vengeful spirit points at you. ... 30 points of damage! Vital organs swell and tear, you howl in pain! The brilliant luminescence fades from around you. You become solid again. The buzz of thoughts in your mind subsides. It seems you have died, my friend. Although you cannot do anything, you are keenly aware of what is going on around you... ...departing in 10 mins...

Lady Junsea came through a wrought-iron gate.

Periam gestures and utters a phrase of magic.

Lady Junsea just went north.

You growl, the sound resonating through the area.

Lady Brigit just arrived.

Suddenly you have the strangest feeling that you are being watched. The feeling fades as quickly as it came.

A vengeful spirit laughs.

Lady Brigit just went north.

Periam begins to walk north but suddenly trips and goes flailing out of sight!

A vengeful spirit says, "I shall return."

You exclaim, "I refuse to let you walk away free!"

Gertilda just went north.

Gertilda just arrived.

Gertilda slings a blackened silver shield over her shoulder.

Gertilda removes a dark iron flacon from in her boar hide cloak.

A vengeful spirit inscibes a gate and steps through it.

Gertilda forces your mouth open, and pours in a small amount from her dark iron flacon. You feel a tingle on your soul, as if a powerful hand is gently cradling it. (Thy soul is bound to thy body for an extra 26 minutes.)

You exclaim, "You claimed too many lives!"

Gertilda put a dark iron flacon in her boar hide cloak.

Gertilda says, "i can't drag ya"

You exclaim, "By my word, as soon as I am of age, I will join Voln and help rid of you all!"

With a sudden flash of insight, you realize you now understand more of what you have experienced.....