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You ponder.

Andemon asks, "hmmm?"

You see Aedrik Fatebender the Human Mercenary. He appears to be in his 50's, has shoulder length, wavy black hair, green eyes, and fair skin. He has a tattooed symbol of V'Tull on his neck.

Andemon peers quizzically at you.

You grin evilly.

You wring your hands.

You sashay gracefully to stand behind Aedrik.

Carli smiles innocently.

Andemon says, "he must be dead, or he would be drooling by now"

Andemon nods to you.

Carli begins to braid tiny, delicate braids into Aedrik's hair.)

(Carli reaches into her cloak and removes a bright baby-blue ribbon.)

(Carli weaves the ribbon into another braid, adding a little life to his style.)

You grin evilly.

Andemon snickers.

(Carli stands on her tip-toes and works the top of his scalp, forming numerous braids in Aedrik's lockes.)

[Town Square, Small Park] A small, shady park fills an old vacant lot behind a row of buildings, the bustling sounds of the square filtering through the passage to the north to animate the area despite its appearance of peace and serenity. A weatherworn grey marble statue of a stocky human in pioneer's clothing overlooks the park, his stone hat encrusted by the gifts of decades of passing birds and his right hand half-upraised as if it once held some now-missing object. You also see a tattered scroll, a yellowed scroll, the Sootic disk and a carved granite trash can. Also here: Andemon who is seated, Aedrik, Sootic Obvious paths: north, south, west.

Andemon laughs!

You say, "Not a word."

You grin at Sootic.

Sootic bites his lip.

You grin.

open sat Ok, it opened.

loo in sat In the silk music satchel you see a smooth stone, a steel lockpick, a charred scroll, a fiery jacinth, a silver lockpick and a blue crystal.

You make a horrendous warthog-like noise.

close sat Ok, it shut.

In the silver cloak you see a golden scroll, a portal ticket, a thanot cittern, some acantha leaf, some acantha leaf, some bubbling Eldreth death-rum, a white flask, a wedding invitation, a dozen perfect long stemmed roses, a small wildflower bouquet, a carved onyx cricket box, a small statue, a crystal amulet, a crystal amulet, a crystal amulet, a crystal amulet, some acantha leaf, a tall glass of pink love potion, a tall glass of pink love potion, some acantha leaf, an engraved fel trunk, a silver-edged violet leather bankbook, a dented gold box, a weathered maoral chest, some acantha leaf, a scratched tanik box, a weathered tanik coffer and a halberd.

(Andemon writes I am a secret treehugger on Aedrik's forehead)

You chortle.

You remove a small wildflower bouquet from in your silver cloak.

Andemon laughs!

Sootic just went north.

Andemon says, "we are so dead"

Andemon nods to you.

(Carli picks some wildflowers from her bouquet and places them in a small crown on the top of Aedrik's head.)

You say, "We? You mean me."

You grin.

Aedrik just left.

You put a small wildflower bouquet in your silver cloak.

Andemon asks, "maybe a bunny to frolic with would bring him around?"

Andemon ponders.

You snap your fingers.

Andemon nods to you.