trombone solo
Hey everyone, Mitchell here. We the SFB have been undergoing many changes. New members, new shows, new albums, and eventually, a new website! So while the new site is being updated, the most important news will just be posted here. The only new things going on as of today, October 18, is that we are currently on the New Year's Records label. Some recordings are being discussed, but you can see us at our first New Year's Records show on Saturday, 12/8 at The Void. We open for Ann Beretta with East Arcadia and Dial h for Hero. Tickets are $6 and the show's at 7:30 (7:00 doors open). For more information visit www.thevoid.cc

Thanks to you tagalongs for your support and I hope you look forward to our new developements as much as the rest of us bastards!