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WELCOME to the Home page of Skateristic 420. Skateristic 420 is an alternative band from Puyallup, Wa. Well there are 5 people in the band and the owners are Brittany and Josh. Skateristic420 has been together for about 2 years. We love playing our music for anyone anywhere anytime. It's like our lives. Right now our studio is in Josh's garage but it use to be in Brittany's basement until her mom kicked us all out. We hope to one day become famouse and tour the world. well Check out the Meet the band page to learn about the members.... hope you come back later for some more fun stuff! PLEASE SIGN THE GUESTBOOK!!!!! Sign My Guestbook Get your own FREE Guestbook from htmlGEAR View My Guestbook
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Members of the Band


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