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New Stuff!

All changes, unless otherwise noted, were to the main page.

Added 4/08/10

I lied. I wasn't planning on doing another update, but I got bored one day. I make no guarantees about when the next one will be. If you want to send me an email with help, I would appreciate it.
Added Force-X Spider-Man from New Exiles
Forever Yesterday Reality
Sentient Insect Spider-Man from New Exiles
Spider-Monkey from Marvel Apes
Skrull Spider-Man in Savage Land
From "Ruins" reality
From Little Red Riding Hood of Spider-Man Fairy Tales
The First Spider from Spider-Man Fairy Tales (probably my favorite in a long time)
Izumi from Spider-Man Fairy Tales
Two different Camelot Spider-Man costumes from Spider-Man Fairy Tales
Marvel Werewolves Spider-Man
Accidentally Bleached costume
Placed link to Clone costumes on main page for ease of access
Alternate costume from "What If? The Other"
What If? Savage Land
6-Armed Ultimate Clone
Female Ultimate Clone
Spider-Man 2099 as a member of Hydra
Bruce Banner as Spider-Man in Bullet Points
Mr. Negative from Dark Reign storyline
Wolverine vs. Spider-Man What If?
Web-Man in clone section
Moved Spider-Man Noir prototype to appropriate section
Galactic Alliance of Spider-Men (four pictures, with over two dozen costumes combined)
Added April Fool's joke from 1999: Spider-Man joins X-Men
More costumes in picture from the 1990s cartoon
Added Ultimate Kaine to clones
Added Ultimate Richard Parker to clones
Added Ultimate Scorpion to clones
Added another 1602 costume
Updated links and descriptions on "Cool Pics" page
Deleted a ton of dead links from the "links" section, mostly thanks to Geocities closing down.
Changed the backgrounds across the whole site to avoid the hideous clash that this site used to have

Added 7/29/09

Added Ridiculous Turkish Movie
1602 Costume, not just clothes
Bullet Points Peter Parker
Cuffs from Mr. Fantastic
In Daredevil Costume
Man-Spider (Spider Bitten by Radioactive Man)
Last minute mask in black costume
Marvel Adventures wrestling costume
Evil from Defenders
Pestilence (Deadpool & Cable)
JLQ Spider-Man parody
Alternate Prime Costume
Spider-Man Noir costumes
Reign makeshift
Thor costume from Marvel Adventures
Spider-Man Leads the Fantastic Four without Mr. Fantastic
Obnoxio the Clown as Spider-Man
Dutch Spider-Man
Added new link on "Cool Pics" page
Removed Costume of the Moment feature
Removed broken "Quiz" link
Removed my e-mail address
Last update ever

Added 12/15/06

Credited MUA
Removed Spider-Girl stuff and other arachno-people stuff
Spider-Man 3's costume
Peter Parker is Galactus
From The Other
From What if- The Other
Iron Spider-Man
Heroes have aged
Avengers have beards
From Spider-Man: Reign
Millenial Visions - Mutant
Millenial Visions - Defenders
Millenial Visions - Normal

Added 12/13/05

Spider-Man Zombie
Big Robot Spider-Man
Yuppie Spider-Man
Big Spider-Spider Girl
Various Spider-Girl Costumes
Air Mattress info/new CotM

Added 5/1/2005

Black outfit for Spider-Girl
House of M Mini-series Costume for Spider-Man
Added five in-movie costume ideas
Added Fantastic Five outfit for Spider-Girl
Added Micheal Netzer's Amazing Bag-Man Fan Art
New CotM
Three costumes for Arana

Added 1/13/2005

Site can now be accessed by
Added Exiles 55 costume
Added cover of Exiles 56 costume
Added cover of Exiles 56 costume with original coloring
Added Bizarro Spider-Clones from Amalgam
Added Rubber-suited Spider-Man
Added Over-sized costume from costume shop
Better picture for first Electro "costume"
Added Spider-Demon from Exiles
Added some random Parker from Exiles
Added Spidey's accidentally bleached costume
Added Crapter One's wrestling costume (it IS barely different than the original's)
Added "Seven Wives of Set" variant from What if?
Added Avataars "Webslinger" or whatever his name is
Added variant from "High Evolutionary" earth in What if?
Added a Fantastic Five variant from Exiles
Added the Universe X cop costume
Added the transformation from the recent "Spectacular" run
Added Fan art from "Jim"
Added bio about me
Resized lots of pictures and deleted not used ones for bandwidth
Added 404 page
Added Secret War (recent) variant costume
Renamed page
Added Indian Spider-Man
Added and fixed up some links
Added the ORIGINAL Bag-Man
Added Goldbug
Added some info for some new costumes and CotM
Updated "Quiz" section with correct information for one question
Added Guestbook... PLAY NICE!
Added Mailing List, for those who want to know when I update
Added Ultimate Clone/Carnage to "Clones" section
Removed the stupid "Icons" page
Added from the "Powerless" mini-series

Added 5/3/2004

Added Spider-Man 2020
Added Fan Art Section
Added Pool Party Spider-Man pic
Updated my e-mail address on the site
Updated lists of needed comics
Updated links
Added WWII Spider-Man (fan art)

Added 12/15/03

Added more info in the Cool Pics section, courtesy of Brian Crowley
New Costume Of the Moment
Added Spider-Man's Last Stand (Thanks to John Fogarty)
Added Cobweb-Kid
Added Ultimate Make-Shift #3 (Again, Thanks to John Fogarty)
Added Hot-Pants Symbiote (Once again, Thanks to John Fogarty)
Added Ultimate Spidey in X-Men Shirt (ANOTHER Thanks to John Fogarty)
Added Arachniman
Added A possible Movie Costume
Added the Movie Costume itself
Added the VH-1 Ill-ustrated

Added 8/18/03

Added Ultimate Makeshift #1
Added Ultimate Makeshift #2
Added 1602 Peter

As of 4/5/03

Added Arachnus
Added Ultimate Symbiote Costume
Updated Links!
New CotM
Added A buncha Spider-Girl Prototypes
Added infected by legacy virus

As of 12/30/02

Added different Spider-Girl Costumes
Added Hybrid
Updated Links!
New CotM
Added Spidey-Man in love
Added symbiote Mangaverse
Added Earth 238 Spider-Man

As of 6/16/02

Super-Adaptoid in clones section
Added Spider-Venom and info
New CotM
Fixed Ben Clone info
New Links
Added Steel Spider
Fixed up future Spider-People

As of 5/5/02

Improved the Spider-Boy Bio
Fixed Dead links on main page
Added Peter Parker (amalgam)
Added Pete Ross (Amalgam)
Added The Spider + Info
Added New Scarlet Spider
Added future SPider-Man
Added future Peter Parker as Spider-Man
Added variation of Movie wrestling costume

As of 3/29/02

Added a picture of the Smallville rip-off and added more info
Added picture and information for Negative Zone Spidey
Added Movie wrestler costume, May 3rd Baby!!!!
Fixed Some copyright info
Better Cosmic Spider-Man Pic
New CotM

As of 3/06/02

Added Spidey with Black Cat's "Mask"
Added Alex Ross' movie sketch... In white
Better Identity Crisis Pics, for all of them
New Costume of the Month, Smallville.
Not much else

As of 12/09/01

Flash Spider-Man Pic
Better Flipside pic
Info on Arachnomorphosis, timeslip, upsidedown chest spider and unlimited costumes
Moved clones section back to where it was before
Costumes of the Month

As of 11/1/01

A section on Spider-Man costumes in video games
A better Peter Parker vs. Flash pic of Peter
New Costume of the Month
More Clean up
Better Iron Man link and new Nova link
Slightly updated quiz
A wannabe from "Authority"
Flipside, the Spider-Man 2099 clone
Spider-Man, Upcoming Manga comic
A page to help me get more costumes

As of 10/1/01

Clones section updated and moved
New Prototypes Section
Info on Net-Mask, Spider-Beast and No-Web Spidey
More Links
New CotM
Frames rearranged so there is no more pop-up

As of 8/21/01

Complete compliance with Marvel.Com fansite rules
Massive clean-up
Better Man-Spider (official continuity) pic
Added a weird picture drawn by Dr. Strange
Added More Spider-Boy cover scans
Better Electro Suit II picture
Added Spider-Beast pic
Added covers for the Spider-Boy comics (Real and "Fake")
Added Spider-Boy without jacket on
Fixed up a bunch of stuff that was wrong on Spider-Boy CotM
Added Impossible Spider-Dawg
Added Timeslip Special Spider-Man pic
Added Scarlet Spider with an Avengers jacket on
Added Icons section
Added a cross between Ant-Man, Wasp, and Spider-Man

As of 7/1/01

Added Wes Borland... Fanboy? section
Changed costume of the Month.
No more MIDI
Added More relevant Links, removed some irrelevent
Added A rejected idea for the movie costume pic
Added Not Brand Echh! Spidey-Man pic
Added Members page, which can be found after sending me feedback
More info on existing costumes(Man-Spider [OC] , Man-Spider [MX], Canvas-Man, 6-Arm Spider-Man)
Better Feedback form

As of 4/3/01

Fixed dead links
Added Info for Spider-Boy, Spider-Carnage, Black costume and the Electric Suit II

As of 4/1/01

Costume of the Month
Added The Bombastic Bag-Man (Trust me on this one)
Added The Green Hooded Spider-Man
Added Spider-Ham 2099
Added Spider-Ham with a red chest spider
Better Blood Spider pic
Better Kaine picture
Added crappy Spider-Venom
Added Blood Spider on cover (less cool)

As of 3/20/01

Added Quiz section to the page

As of 3/1/01

Added Upside-Down Chest Spider
Faster loading / fixed version of the picture on cool pics
Added Old Timer Spidey
Added The Amazing Tuxedo-Man
Added Future Kaine
Costume of the Month
Fixed Links

As of 2/1/01

Added Combo-Man
AddedPrototype from "Journey into Mystery"
Better new F4 Spidey Pic
Added Blacks instead of blues
Better Wrestler Spidey pic (Web Mask)
Better Spidersman picture
Added pider-Man with no secret identity pic
Added Another, different Quick-Change Spidey
Added Octo-Spidey
Added Two better Prime Spidey pics
New Costume of the Month
Better Clear Eyes pic
Added Feedback form

As of 1/4/01

Added Blood Spider pic
Changed New F4 Spider-Man picture
Changed the Spider-Ham pic
Better Spider-Man with cape pic
Costume of the Month
Changed Alex Ross' idea for a costume pic

As of 12/1/00

Added Spider-Boy 2099
Better Spider-Boy pic
Added Alex Ross' idea for the Spider-Man movie costume
Added Marvel Alterverse' Spider-Man
Better Chameleon Spider-Man Pic
Added More future Spider-Men
Added Another Costume worn By spidey 2211
Better Spider-Man 2099 pic
Better Madam Web pic
Better Tarantula Picture
Added Homo Arachnis Picture
Added Two different Pre-Scarlet Spider Costumes worn by Ben
Added Ultimate Spider-Man vs. Crusher Hogan (I)
Added Ultimate Spider-Man vs. Crusher Hogan (III)
Added Scarlet Spider Commando
Added Spider-Man in the New Fantastic Four (What If?)
Added Spider-Kid Picture
Better caped Spider-Man pic

As of 11/14/00

Added Smoke Stack Clone (alive)
Corrected some mistakes in the Clones section
Better "Ages of Apocalypse" picture

As of 11/1/00

Added this feature to my page
Added November Costume of the Month
Added Flash Thompson Spidey
Added John Jameson Spidey
Added Betty Brant Spidey
Added Peter vs. Flash as Spider-Man
Added Prime Spidey
Added the hideous Tarantula
Better Spidey in F4 pic
Better big pic on "Cool Pics"
Better Spider-Man unlimited (red) picture