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Video Games

Spider-Man just had a new game come out with lots of new Costumes in it. It's pretty cool. Anyhoo, Here is a chart of what costumes appeared in what games. "X" means it appeared. "*" means it appeared in all verions execpt the N64 version. Let's get this party started.
Capcom Games Spider-Man Spider-Man 2: EE Tony Hawk 2 Mutant Academy 2
Classic Costume X X X X X
Black instead of Blue X
Spider-Armor X X X
Scarlet Spider X X
Quick Change X X
Ben Rielly X X
Amazing Bag-Man * X
Spidey Unlimited X X
Captain Universe X X X
S-Man 2099 X X
Symbiote X X X X
Peter Parker X X
Negative Zone X
Alex Ross Protoype
Alex Ross Prototype
Insulated II X
Dusk X
Prodigy X
Spider-Phoenix X
Venom II X
Battle Ravaged X
Pool Party X