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Note: For the most part, I will only include pictures of times the clones have costumes or appearances different from what can find on the normal Spider-Man. For example, What If: Age of Apocalypse, Both Xavier and Magneto Were Killed by Legion has a clone of Spider-Man, but he's just wearing the Symbiote costume with no visible differences from the Symbiote costume of Earth-616.
  • Kaine
  • Future version of Kaine (Spider-Girl)
  • His Story: The actual first clone of Spider-Man. He was thrown out by the Jackal when his sign of decomposing showed up. He spent his life making a better one for his big "brother" Peter and tried to kill Rielly to make Peter happy.
    Things that make him different than Parker: His Spider-Sense allows him to see images of the future, wall crawling allows him to burn his handprints into walls and gives him super-grip. He is also very mean spirited and had scars of degenerartion.
  • Spidercide
  • His Story: A Clone of Spider-Man whom the Jackal led to believe he was the real Spidey, He obviously was not because the first person he met was the Jackal. When he realized he was a clone he tried killing the Jackal but instead he died.
    Things that make him different than Parker: He can change to liquid upon will and stretch a little bit.
  • Ben in his first appearance
  • Pre-Scarlet Spider Costume worn by Ben
  • Another Pre-Scarlet Costume worn by Ben
  • Scarlet Spider
  • Quick Change Ben
  • Ben R. Spider-Man
  • Spider-Carnage
  • His Story: He is the smokestack clone, this man came to NYC in hopes of fighting crime. Assuming the name Ben (Parker's uncles name) Rielly (Aunt May's maiden name) he first showed up as the Scarlet Spider. After a tussle with the Jackal, he was told he was the true Spidey (which was a lie) and assumed that role until he died.
    Things that make him different than Parker: None except when he died he turned to dust. He also bleached his hair.
  • "Jack"
  • His Story: An early clone of Spidey he was the Jackal's assistant for a while he was programmed to protect the Jackal's lab.
    Things that make him different than Parker: Shorter, weaker, faster, more agile, bad sense of humor and scars of degeneration and bald.
  • The Guardian
  • His Story: Another early clone of Parker was sent to be the guardian of the Jackal's lab (thus the name Guardian). After beating the crap outta Scarlet Spider he punched Spidey once and he (the Guardian, stupid) died.
    Things that make him different than Parker: Less intelligent, taller, stronger, less agile, and scars of degeneration.
  • Blood Spider
  • A less cool version of the Previous
    (Thanks to Matt Alder for the heads-up!)
  • His Story: A clone of Spider-Man made by the Taskmaster. This guy needed machinery to give him Spider-Powers. Spider-Man quickly defeated him.
    Things that make him different than Parker: Bad English, Evil, Just about anything else.
  • Doppelganger of Spider-Man
  • His Story: This mindless creature was created by Thanos along with a bunch of other clones. All of the other clones died except this one, who lasted until Maximum Carnage.
    Things that make him different than Parker: Four Extra Arms, Large Tounge, Webbing on eyes, Intelligence level, 3 fingers and toes and doesn't speak any human language.
  • "The clones that would be men"
  • Tons o' Clones
  • Their Story: None yet, and let's hope they never show up ever again! Things that make him different than Parker: None known, despite appearence.
  • Flipside
  • His Story: A clone of Spider-Man 2099, I don't know much about him.
    Things that make him differnt than O'Hara Costume, I don't really know.
  • The Super-Adaptoid!
  • His Story:He was a villain for many different heroes, and has the ability to get the abilities of super-beings around him.
    Things that make him different than Parker: Mechanically based, takes a while to charge up, almost everything.
  • Ultimate Spider-Clone
  • Ultimate Tarantula (Thanks to Brad)
  • Ultimate Spider-Woman (Thanks to Brad)
  • Ultimate Richard Parker
  • Ultimate Kaine (in "costume")
  • Ultimate Scorpion
  • Their Story:The Ultimate version of Carnage/Clone was created by Dr. Connors and unsuprisingly had a tangle with Spider-Man.
    Things that make him different than Ultimate Parker: ...Just look at him.
  • Web-Man
  • His Story: Created by Dr. Doom