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[session road on stage] Carbon copy bands are fast becoming a thing of the past. Originality and freshness count nowadays especially since the live entertainment industry is saturated with groups, which basically play the same type of music.

A group of Baguio-based musicians have decided to take the proverbial "ROAD LESS TRAVELED." The songs in their repertoire are aimed at pleasing the audience but more importantly, pleasing themselves as they believe that satisfied musicians connect better with any crowd.

The band started with the brother and sister team of Hannah and Chavi. Being children of a musician, they started having genuine interest in the field very early in their lives. Hannah took formal voice lessons under Norman Morred of the Ryan Cayabyab Music Studio and was very much into theater, musicals being her forte. She also learned to play guitar at a young age. Chavi plays the drums, percussion, flute and guitar.

Before there was ever a plan of putting up a band, Hannah Chavi have been playing at clubs across Baguio. Their guitar and vocals team was always a huge attraction at major music events. They also performed regularly at two of Baguio's most popular nightspots at the time, Songs and Le fondue, where they gained a modes but loyal following. Their team-up, however, was put on hold in favor other, seemingly more lucrative and fulfilling creative endeavors.

Chavi became the percussionis of themuch heralded Jun Lopito and the Bodhisattvas and did session work for Grace Nono. Hannah frontlined for Hanna & Sunflower, performing at popular venues such as Strumm's, PEP'S, Conway's, Music Hall, Studebaker, Limit's Disco, News Bar Café, etc. They each did extremely well but their desire to work together and play the kind of music they really enjoy left them longin for more than what they already had.

Putting up a band of their own became an impreative. The name they chose for obvious and not so obvious reason - SESSION ROAD. The band's repertoire is a mixture of oldna nd new, fast and slow, heavy and light. The underlying them is distint but difficult to put in words. Hannah frontlines on vocals and rythm uitar, Cahvi plays the drums, Coy plays lead guitar and does vocals every so often whil Jal plays the bass guitar and Jessie, the keyboards. Hannah and Chavi's younger brother JV is the band's percussionis ahd back-up vocalist. SESSION ROAD's sound is unlike any other's and their energy and attitude are strately infectious.

They are through recording their first album under the wing of award-winning producers Grace Nono and Bob Aves. Needless to say, they do write their own music with Hannah doing more of the lyrics and Chavi, the melody as well as the musical arrangement. The albmum will be released very soon under STAR RECORDS.

SESSION ROAD was fortunate enough to be part of the 1st La Union Music Festival held at the Cresta del Mar Beach resort in May or 1998. Other performers included Parokya ni Edgar, True Faith and the legendary Juan dela Cruz Band. They also shared top billing with Metropop Grand Prize winner Gary Granada and Parokya ni Edgar in a concert entitled Rockin' Mountain High: a concert for nature HELD AT THE 5,000-SEATER University of Baguio Gymnasium in October of 1998. In November of the same year, Session Road Performed at the annual Moonlight Serenade at the Ayala Center together with top bands such as First Circle, Parliament Syndicate and Hungry Young Poets. The band was also featured in a concert entitled In the Raw, which was held at the Music Museum in December of 1998. The bnd has had regular stints at venues such as Freedom Bar Café, Fat Tuesday, Shangri-La Hote's Zu, Formula Sports Café, Kiko Music & Bar, Tony Roma's, Virgin Café, Gotham Hall and many others. Session Road was also the featured artist in the RX 93.1 Concert Series event held in November of 1998. The band has also done live TV guetings at GMA Channel 7's Mornings at GMA and was featured in the Faces portion of ABS-CBN's Sunday Noontime Show, ASAP.