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Stefan Lee Shiposh

age: lightly seasoned

Born: yup!

Location: Akron, Oihio

Comments: Thanks to my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ who is unexplainably awesome. Roger and Billiam for converting to punk. Again, Roger for the practice space. My sisters and parents for putting up with me. Melanie for the pictures she took and everything else! All my friends past, present, and future for hanging out with me. I'm not worthy of having so many great friends. All the people who criticize us. My dad for not making me work on Saturdays so that we can practice. Mikey for the amp. And everyone I know that I forgot to mention, I didn't do it on purpose. Oh, and thanks to all our sponsors like Etnies, Hurley, Pearl, Gibson, and Marshall we would never have to borrow equipment if they sponsored us. PICTURES OF OUR UGLY MUGS COMING SOON!!!

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