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Stefan Shiposh~Bass, Vocals
Billy Emich~Guitar, Vocals
Justin Lamp~Drums

Collage of Friends #1

Collage of Friends #2

Route 18's Mission Statement: To produce fun music that will allow us to share the love of Jesus Christ to anyone we can. None of us has ever taken a lesson! The reason we play is because we have a great time with a talent that God has given us! If you want, you can pray for us that God's will would be done in our life and that we would reach out to people anywhere, whether it be at a show, the mall, or school. We love to meet new people and hopfully if you don't know us, you will. Please sign our guestbook, cause we love to read it. Put whatever you want in it and hope you liked our first attempt at our web site.

Anyone who knows us or doesn't, please feel free to say hi or write. Feel free to ask us about what Christ has done in our lives and what he has to offer you. We would love to know who is interested. Peace!!!

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