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The future is scarce


I slowly opened my door, Nick and Brian stood there staring at me. "Nick I'm sorry."

"Why? What are you mad about?" Nick hugged me.
"N-Nick I answered your phone today and it was Mandy," Nick's face turned pale, "she said she was pregnant."
"With your baby!" I cut Nick off.
"I swear to you Kel. It's not mine" he yelled.
"But how do you know this?"
"I just do."
"You know what that's just not good enough for me. I'm leaving here, call me when you are sure!"

"But Kelsey" I run out the door and to my car and drove all the way home crying. How could Nick do this? Especially with her. I wanted to get away. Get away from Nick and his hoe, but I know I couldn't I had to take care of Nick and mine's relationship and our baby. I just hope he would help me fix it before it was too late.

"Kelsey I'm sure he wouldn't lie to you" Candice comforted me later that night.
"Yeah he obviously loves her" Lauren added.
"Yeah and that's why he got another girl pregnant!" I retaliated.
"God, we are just trying to help you out. Don't be such a jerk" Candice stomped out of the room.
"Don't worry about her," Lauren rolled her eyes, "she met this guy and he hasn't called her yet" Lauren laughed.
"I guess so" I cracked a smile.

*The next day*

"Is Candi there?" A raspy voice asked.
"Um yea. Aj?"
"Kelsey? What the" he trailed off.
"You can" I started to laugh.
"So is she there?" His voice rose.
"Yea," I choked out, "Candice phone!"
"Wh-who is it?" she asked breathlessly.
"It's a guy."
"Give me that phone," she jumped after me.

"Damn" I handed her the phone. After two hours she finally got off the phone. I listened to their whole conversation, she blabbed on about missing him and stuff, then he talked about Nick. She said he was miserable and looked like death warmed over, a sly grin formed upon my lips. It severs him right for lying to me like that, I thought bitterly.
"So you have to listen to him" Candice ended her hour speech about why I was losing the best thing in my life.
"But he lied to me."
"You don't know that. He swears it isn't his baby!"
"Then why doesn't he tell me this?"
"Because you won't let him. NE ways Aj and me are headed to his house to cheer him up wanna come?"
"Um I guess but I don't want you to leaving me and him alone."

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