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The future is scarce


I slowly stood up suddenly dizzy. Nick held me up as we walked out of the doctors office. "Really Nick I'm so sorry!" I pleaded as we got out to the car.
"Kelsey we are you putting this al on you? This is all my fault." Nick sighed holding my face in his hands. " How are we gonna tell the guys? How are we gonna tell my mom? Oh shit we are so screwed!" he fell to the ground.

~4 Months later~

"Hey guys" I said walking into the studio. They actually didn't take it all that bad, Aj wasn't talking to me at all now, like this was all my fault, and Brian was really happy for us as was Kevin. Nick's mom was kind of upset and started talking to me again last month. The managers were happy for us as long as Nick kept on singing with bsb.

"How's my baby?" Nick out his hand on my stomach.
"Fine I went to the doctor today and we are having a baby boy!" I smiled with joy. Nick hugged me and smiled.
"That's great Kel."
"Congrats." Brain hugged me.
"Hey I wanna name him" Aj jumped up.
"So, you are talking to me now?"
"Yea. I guess so even though I'm still mad." Aj pouted.
"OK lets get to work fellas" Kevin ordered
"Yes sir!"
"Eye, eye caption" Nick and Brian saluted. As they went back to recording Nick's phone started ringing so I answered it.


"Is Nick there?" A female voice gasped.
"Um he's busy at this moment. Who is this?"
"Well, I'm the mother of his baby!" she hung up. I dropped the phone I couldn't breath. My throat tightened, I gasped for air. I ran out the door hearing Nick scream for me to come back.

I ran to my car and started it not knowing where to go, I headed to My house.
"Kelsey what's wrong?" Candice sat me down on the couch. My throat still ached and I couldn't talk.
"OMG Kel. Are you OK?" Lauren entered the room. I finally found my voice, " he cheated," was all I could get out. My stomach turned and I felt the chunks raise in my throat.
"Nick?" Lauren asked as I ran to the bathroom.

After spending god know s how long with my head in the toilet and Lauren and Candice pounding on the door, I stood up and washed my hands. I opened the door to find Nick standing there with a lost look in his eyes.

"Kelsey what's wrong?" Nick stared hard into my eyes. I couldn't face him it hurt to bad.
"Nick go away" I pushed past him and walked to my room.
"Kel. Please tell me" he pleaded following me.
"You should know" I slammed to door in his face.
"Kelsey please," he hammered on the door, " let me in. we can talk about this."
"No, Nick I think it's already to late" tears finally started filling my eyes.
"Please, please, please" his voice faded as I heard him slump down in front of my door. I wanted to open it to talk to him, but I couldn't. He cheated on me and I thought he loved me.

I fall on my bad and drifted into a light sleep. "I have no clue what's wrong with her" I heard Nick talking when I woke up.
"I know but what are we gonna do?" I think Brian said.
"Dude, she is so pissed at me and I have no clue why!" I stood up and walked to my door.


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