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Nick stared hard at me, then looked away frowning.
"Nick I" I started
"No, Kelsey I don't even wanna hear it!" Nick snapped, standing up and facing me again, "Kel. This is my career and I thought you were m best friend and would support me through all this!"
"Nick I"
"No," He cut me off again and walked out his door. I didn't know what to say or think so I just went home. I told angel I would take her shopping a little later because I had to be alone now. When I got home, Candice and Lauren were already waiting on my bed.
"So, sup? With nick and you?" Candice asked with wide eyes.
"I have no clue!" I put my hands on my head and clasped on my bad.
"Wha. Why?" Lauren stammered.
"I lied to him and he's kinda mad at me." I whispered holding my head still. I felt so bad for lying to him I never meant to hurt him I just wanted to help him and now he was pissed at me.
"I'm sure he isn't too mad at you" Candice hugged me.
"Yeah I mean you were only trying to help him out of his problem right?" Lauren added not helping me at all. I had to talk to Nick I had to fix this.

I arrived as the guys were heading out of the meeting.
"Nick I have to talk to you" I yelled running toward him.

"Kelsey I really don't wanna see you right now" Nick turned away from me.
"But nick" I stammered.
"No buts just let me cool off!" Nick walked off with a pissed expression on his face.
"Nick please!" I pleaded pulling him back.

"Let go of me!" He screamed shaking me off his arm, "Kelsey I really need to cool off right now." Take some time away from you and this. You lied to me and hurt my career! Do you know that? You could have cost me a lot, all because I. I dunno why did you do it? Why did you lie to Aj?" Nick tapped his foot on the concrete.

"Well, I just wanted to help you out with Aaron and. And I wanted you to get some rest you look so tired!" I held back tears. My best friend was totally pissed at me.

"Kel. I don't need you to help with my family problems. They are just that mine!" Nick soften his expression, "I still love ya Kelsey"

"Really?" He pulled me closer to him and gave me a huge hug.

"Yup!" He grinned opening his car door.
"Hey Nick ya wanna go to Disney world?" Aj yelled from across the parking lot.
"Sure bone. When?" Nick yelled back.
"Now" Aj held up his phone signaling for Us to call him later.
"Here we go" Nick smiled from ear to ear grabbing my hand.

~At Disney world~

"Which one first?"
"Um," Aj looked around, "this one."

So we all filed onto the first ride of the day, Nick next to me, Amanda next to Aj, and Brian next to Lauren. Brian had been moping all day because his girlfriend and he were having troubles and Lauren decided she might be able to help him out, since she had gone through a lot the past year.

Around 5 P.M. After seeing and doing almost everything we all decided it was time to head home. Nick and I got back to his house around 8 and I was really tired and no one was awake, but Nick wasn't tired at all and other plans in his head.


I smiled remembering the past 2 months. They were really fun, but now this. I glanced at him thumbing through a magazine and I gave him a weak smile when he looked up at me.

"Ms. Taylor," a nurse walked in, "the doctor will see you now."
I slowly stood up, Nick right after me. "Good luck" he took my hand.
"You, too" I whispered as we headed down the long hallway to a small room.

The doctor did some tests, then lead us to his office and told us to wait. I was shaking the whole time this was another one of them things that could totally hurt Nick and he knew, I knew it.

"OK," the doctor came in and sat at his desk scanning through the pile of papers, "well, Ms. Taylor, and Mr. Carter looks like you two are gonna have a baby." He smiled. I fell into Nick, "I'm so sorry."


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