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Ch 3

I watched Nick lay there is his sleep so peaceful, I held back a laugh. I had filled the water balloons full of nice and cold water. I knew Nick wasn't a morning person but he wouldn't get that mad at me for what I was going to do. "Oh Nicky," I whispered in his ear as I sat next to him on his bed, he just stirred a little bit. I let a little water drip on his hair from the first balloon, but he didn't wake up so I dropped the whole me on him. He jumped up knocking me off the bed and onto the floor.

"What the....Kelsey?" Nick pushed his hair back. I was laughing so hard my sides started to hurt, while Nick was turning bright red. "good morning to you, too!" he mumbled.
"The fastest you've ever got up!" I smirked still laughing on the floor.
"Ha Ha!" Nick laid back down "Holy crap my bad is soaked!" he screamed hopping out of bed.
"All I wanted to do was wake you up!" I smiled innocently.
"Dude don't even play innocent with me kel! I'll get you back just wait" I stood up.
"I'll be right back" I walked to his door
"I know where you live!" He screamed as I closed his door. I walked down stairs still hearing nick yell at me for getting him up so early. I laughed to myself as I enter the kitchen, Jane was eating with Angel and Leslie.

"Someone is at the door for you Hon," Jane informed me looking up. " did you wake nick up?"
"Oh, yeah I did" I giggled.
"Thanks," Jane went back to her paper
"Lets go shopping!" angel screamed.
"Hold on 30 minutes, k?"
"OK" she pouted leaving toward the family room, no doubt Aaron was in there waiting for his next victim in his new game.
"I'll be back," I left the kitchen and headed down the walkway toward the main entrance. I saw two familiar figures standing by the door.
"Kelsey! OMG" one declared walking at a fast pace towards me.

When I saw her face I knew it was Lauren right away
"Hey Lauren!" I hugged her and I knew the other figure was Candice.
"You never told us you stayed here!" Candice exclaimed hugging me.
"Well, Nick lives here and I always stay the night at his house," I glanced toward the hall, "usually any ways."
"That's cool! So who's Nick?" Lauren gave me a questioned look.

"My best friend!" I smirked thinking of the past few days, he was actually more than a best friend now he was my Boyfriend!
"So, lets meet the guy!" Lauren walked away from me a little.
"OMG Kelsey! I met the sweetest guy ever at the club last night!" Candice whispered as we walked to the stairway in the main room. I hope Nick isn't going to be mad at me. I thought walking up the stairs.

"Hey Nick, there are people here I want you to meet!" I hoped Nick would get my warning. We enter his room, and of course he was playing playstation, he always did this when he was off and got woke up too early. He looked at me with lost eyes. "Nick these are my best friends, Candice and Lauren, they are visiting me and got scared when I didn't come home last night." I explained. His face soften as he hugged them both.
"Any friends of Kels. are friends of mine!"
"Hi" Candi said hugging him back.
"Ditto" Lauren looked at me.
"Hey are we going shoppin’ or what?" a little voice yelled from the doorway.
"Yes, we are Angel," I stopped for a minute looking at my friends, "hey Angel, can Candice and Lauren come, too? They are the best to shop with!" Angel frowned then said OK and we went to my room to get ready.

"Hey Kel can I talk to you?" Nick pulled my arm back.
"Yea, hey guys I'll meet you at my house K! so whatcha want?" I sat on the end of Nicks bed beside him.
"Kelsey, Aj called me when you were downstairs," Nick touched my arm staring hard in my eyes. ‘Trapped’ I thought ‘trapped and no way out! He's gonna kill me fore lying to him’ I shifted my weight.





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