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The future is scarce

Ch. 2
We sat there silent for a while then he leaned closer to me and kissed me. 'So soft' I thought pulling away 'but not mine! Hers!' He stared at me confused. The like reading my thoughts whispered with a sigh
"Don't worry, she dumped me again"
"I'm sorry." I hugged him holding back a grin.
"But now I have you!" he smiled
"Yep," I took a drink and peered around, a few girls stood around watching us sending icy glances my way, I just shook them off. I was always nice to the fans and usually they were OK to me. I always told them he was my best friend, but now sitting over here kissing him. The fans just didn't give the boys a life! They gave them a 24/7 job. "Nick how bout we go to the beach or something?" I turned to face him again.
"To public, I think I've had enough of the fans today, lets just go to my house."
"OK lets leave now, I have a feeling that these girls don't like me," I scrunched up my nose.
"Me too" He laughed standing up and helping me up. We rode home in silence besides Nick singing along with the radio. I stared out the window thinking about today. 'Now she can't hurt him again' I thought with a happy smile
"Whatcha thinking about?" Nick looked at me turning into his driveway.
"You," I flashed him a stupid grin, the one he always does when I'm mad at him. "and me"
"What about us?" he pressed in the numbers and the gate opened. Aaron and Angel were playing basketball as usual.
"You look tired!" I changed the subject when he stopped the car.
"Well, tours can do that to ya" he said sarcastically
",so what about us?" Aaron still hadn't noticed us, but I wished he would soon! I didn't feel like telling nick I hated his stupid ex-girlfriend! I had always told him that she was OK to make him feel better about their relationship.
"Well I'm just so glad we are together finally," I faked a smile I hated lying to him. "I've always had a crush on you" I whispered leaning a cross the seats
"I've liked you too, but" He opened his door and Aaron jumped in his arms Angel following him." 'but what?!' I wanted to scream getting out of the car.
"Hey guys you forgot kel!" he laughed as they ran over to me and jumped on me almost knocking me over.
"Hey guys! I haven't seen you in forever!" I said regaining my balance.
"AC we'll play with you two later, OK." Nick motioned to the house with his head
"Oh, OK" Aaron pouted and grabbed Angels hand"I'm gonna beat you so bad at my new game!" they ran into the house.
"So are we dating?" I put my arm around his waist and smiled up at him trying to forget the 'but' he just had to add earlier.
"Yes we are!" he kissed my cheek and we walked into the house together.

~At dinner that night~
"I have some conference thing to do tomorrow" Nick informed me that night. He still lived with his family, which was really great actually since he was so close to his mom and dad. I spent most of my time with them so I was almost their sixth child, Jane was always nice to me and everyone treated me like family which was great because my family lived so far away, but I liked nicks' better any ways! They were going to be moving to California when nick started touring again in a month.
" What time?" Jane asked.
"I think noonish." he shrugged his shoulders taking a drink. "Aj is going to call me soon to tell me what time."
" Kelsey is taking me shopping tomorrow!" Angel exclaimed.
"That's great Ang," nick stood up not looking at anyone "I'm done. I think I'm gonna call Aj" he pushed in his chair and headed for the hallway.
"Excuse me" I stood up and left trying to catch up with nick. "What's wrong Nick?" I grabbed his arm, spinning him around toward me.
"OMG Kel. I forgot bout Aaron! we were going to go play some ball and hang out today" he sighed
"I'm so screwed," Nick fell back hitting his head hard on the wall. "Damn" he muttered holding the back of his head.
" Nick he'll understand. He always does" I reassured him
"He always has to!" he yelled "he doesn't have a choice I always do this to him." He whispered taking my hand and heading for the stairs.
"Nick he'll understand" I repeated" he does this too."
"No, no he won't!" Nick shut his door in my face. I knew I had to help him out but how? then it hit me! His phone started to ring and I opened his door. 'good thing Leslie broke the lock' I thought to myself. Nick was in the shower and most likely didn't hear the phone ringing, so I answered it.
"Hey Kel, is Nick there?" A raspy voice asked. 'Yes, it's Aj!' I thought with a grin.
"Um not now."
"OK tell him the meeting with mike is at one OK?"
"I don't think he'll make it." I lied.
"Wha..why? He has to go!"' not if I can help it.' I thought
"Actually he is sick again, he's at the doctor now"
"At 8pm?" he questioned me
"Kelsey you better not be playin' with me or nick! this is his job and he better be there tomorrow or Mike is gonna is pissed at us!"
"I know and he is sick! Aj"
"Dude if you are lying Kelsey! you know this will only get you in trouble."
"Who me? never!"
"Whatever just tell him, bye!" Aj hung up. I rolled my eyes.
"Who was it?" Nick walked out of his bathroom in a towel.
"It was Aj" I sat down on his bed as he search through what he called a closet for boxers.
"What'd he say?"
"Oh, he said that Mike canceled at the last minute something bout the flu," I shrugged my shoulders.
"Great," Nick smiled getting into his bed. I stood up."I'm so tired I'm going to bed!"
"Night Nick." I left his room happy with myself for helping him out. I straight to bed that night thinking of a way that Nick and I could spend sometime together.

"Hey Kel get up!" Angel jumped on me that morning
"there's people at the door for you" she declared getting off me "But we have to go shopping!" she pouted
"We will ang," I sat up" who's at the door?"
"I have no clue" she walked toward the door" come on get ready!" she left. I glanced across the hall toward Nick's room. He was sound asleep buried in his covers. I slowly got out of bed 'I get to wake Nick up now' I laughed, heading to Aaron's' room. "Hey Aaron do you have any water balloons?" I grinned devilishly.
"Yeah, but you can only have 3 and you never saw me with them" he handed me the balloons and I headed toward the hall bathroom.

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