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The future is scarce! prologue and ch. 1

The Future Is Scarce
"I'm so glad you could make it!" I said leaning over to kiss him as he sat down next to me. I loved him so much, we'd been friends for a little over two years and dating just about 2 months, but something happened that was still tugging at my heart and I think it always will.
" I hope everything turns out OK." he whispered squeezing my hand tighter.


~2 months ago~
I was watching the concert from first row like always as the boys sang their last song.
" Am I original?" nick sang. Every girl in the audience screamed yeah. I just looked around at the screaming girls and laughed. I heard them yell wild things like' I wanna have your baby nick' and 'i love you Aj.' That's when I realized that my best friend was part of the most popular bands in the world.
~After the show~
"Hey tomorrow lunch! Call me" Nick yelled walking past me to his dressing room with his girlfriend at his side, she sent me an evil glance as she closed Nicks door. How I hated her! always telling Nick that she loved him when deep down inside I knew she was just using him. She always told him 'I'll die without you nick and I love you" Ha! what a joke we're talking about an 18 year old who acts 3!
" I hate her" I whispered walking past Joe and Parker two of the guys' body guards they said something, but I didn't hear it and I really didn't want to I just wanted out! Away from the screaming and away form her! Then it hit me hard, I loved him, I loved Nick! Now that I admitted it to myself I had to tell Nick 'but how would he take it?' I wandered driving to his house later that night. 'Guess we'll find out' I press in the numbers and the gate opened "Good she's not here' I thought walking to his door.
"Woah Kels. it's late whatcha doin here?" Nick answered the door in his boxers
"Um Nick I-I.."I stumbled for words
"What Kelsey?" Nick let me in and we walked into the kitchen.
"Um...Nick about tomorrow.." I looked down "What time did we plan?" good cover up! I thought was I going to tell my best friend that I loved him!
" We didn't....Why are you so shaky?" he hugged me 'Great make it even harder!' I screamed in my head
"Kel I'm so tired! just.. I'll call you later OK ?" he rubbed his eyes.
"Sorry Nick," 'I love you!' " I'll go now" I stood up and he hugged me, then showed me to the door. I ran to my car tears filling my eyes, I'm never gonna be able to tell him! 'he'll just laugh at me or something' I thought bitterly.
'He loves M-' I cut myself off reaching my house my two best friends Lauren and Candice stood on my door step.
" Ohmigosh!" Lauren screamed running towards me. We hadn't spoken in almost a year because Candice was working on her acting career and Lauren was engaged and moved off to New York.
" What are you guys doing here?" I hugged them both
"We came to visit you!" Candice smiled sweetly
"And?" I rolled my eyes. There was always a catch with them two. Whenever they got together there was always a catch!
"Well," Candice paused "my apartment in LA is being renovated" she sighed then Lauren chimed in "And me and James broke it off about 3 months ago and I need a place to live!"
" OK guys you can stay here!" they both jumped up and down hugging me.
"Your the best!" Lauren yelled.
"I'm going clubbing!" Candice announced
"Not me!" I yelled walking up the stairs
"Whatever!" she yelled back then I heard a door slam and silence.
"I hope Lauren went with her!" I whispered to myself, it was three in the morning and Nick wouldn't be up ,at least, until 11, so I went to sleep.

To my amazement Nick called me at 10 am that morning and we planned to go out to lunch at noon. I got ready and was at Mcdonalds by 11:56 and Nick of course was there at 12:07 on the dot, he looked over tired and mad. A group started to gather around him, I knew I had to do something.
"Sorry ladies" I pulled him away from the group of young girls" Mr. Carter just came to eat lunch maybe some other time!" We walked to our table.
"Thanks" Nick whispered
"Anytime" I whispered back. Some girls were still staring at us throwing me evil glances while we ate our food.
"If looks could kill!" Nick laughed with a mouth full of fries.
"I'd be dead at least a million times already," I laughed, he chuckled a little bit more. Then there was a long period of silence. "So nick?
"Yeah?" He looked up with those baby blues of his.
"Nick, I really like you!" I blurted out, covering my mouth and looking away.
"Kelsey?" He got up from the other side if the table and sat next to me, pulling my face to his." I like you, too" Then there was another silence.


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