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Ship of dreams Ch 29-30

Ch.29 Nick looked around the club. Why do I feel a very strange sense of deja vu here? he thought to himself. He saw a bunch of women checking him out and as flattered as he was, he was feeling uncomfortable again, almost guilty. Right now, all he wanted was Amy. He looked back at the guys. "So what's the plan here?" he asked A.J., "Are we going to just stand here all night or sit down or what?" A.J. smiled a little too widely and patted Nick on the shoulder. "You'll see soon enough," he hinted. Nick narrowed his eyes at him. "See what?" "Don't worry about it, man. Just have fun." Nick rolled his eyes and looked around. He saw a wisp of blonde hair rush by Brian and pull him away. He tapped Howie and pointed it out to him. "Brian really doesn't waste any time, does he?" he laughed. Howie looked at the girl and back at Nick. "That's Le...oof!" He was interrupted by a jab in the side from Kevin. "Umm..that's how he likes it, ya know. Brian the pimp," he finished, glaring at Kevin. Brian walked back over to the guys, grinning. "Well, let's go find us a seat," he replied. Nick tried to look over his shoulder at the blonde walking off but Brian turned him around. "Nothing to see, man, keep moving," Brian directed him. Nick leaned back. "Who was the blonde?" he asked. "Just a fan wanting an autograph," Brian lied nonchalantly. Nick nodded. "But why didn't she want to talk to the rest of us?" he probed further. "Because I'm the only one she likes," Brian replied, "Enough with the questions, man. Sit down." They slid into a booth and a cute blonde busty waitress walked over, smiling at the boys, especially Nick. "Can I help you boys?" she asked in a chirpy voice. A.J., who was sitting on the end, managed to slide a hand up her short dress. "In more ways that one, I'm sure," he flirted. She giggled slightly but glared at him and stepped aside. "I serve drinks, sweetheart," was her reply, "And drinks ONLY." "Ooohh," the others, even Nick, flinched. The waitress grinned at Nick, eyeing him up and down. She pointed to him. "Except maybe for the blond," she flirted. All the guys gave Nick an interesting look and he turned bright red. "Oooohhh..." Brian laughed and looked at the waitress. "He's flattered, excuse the red face.." She laughed and smiled at Nick seductively. He looked off. "So, anyways...what do you boys want to drink tonight?" she asked. She looked at the smirk on A.J.'s face. "Don't even go there," she warned him. Kevin raised his finger at her to let her know he was ready to order. "I'll have a beer, Miller Lite," he ordered. She wrote that down and looked over at Brian. "And you sweetheart?" "I'll have a Pina Colada.." She wrote that down then looked at Howie. "You?" He looked at the menu for a second. "Heineken, please..." She looked at A.J., who was still trying to look up her dress and licking his lips. "What about you?" "A Zima is fine." She took note of that and smiled at Nick. "What about you, baby?" Nick looked at the fellas. "I don't really drink alcohol. Do you serve coke?" He received a round of laughter from the guys. "What?" "He'll have Strawberry Daquiri," Brian ordered for him. She wrote it down. "Okay, be back in a few.." A.J., Brian, and Kevin watched her walk off. "Why did you order me that, Bri?" Nick asked, obviously upset. "Aww..Nick, don't worry about it," he replied, "You can't taste the alcohol. Besides, gotta loosen you up somehow.." The waitress walked back with their drinks. She handed them their drinks. When she got to Nick, she smiled at him and whispered, "You owe me a dance buddy.." then leaned back up and walked off. All the others laughed at him. "Picking up chicks already tonight, aren't we?" Kevin teased. A.J. pouted. "Yeah and I kind of like that one.." Nick took a sip of his daquiri and his eyes lit up. "This is pretty..good..I like this..," he commented, sipping on it some more. He stopped for a second. "Anyways, Bone. You can have her. She's more your type.." A.J. looked slightly offended. "What do you mean, my type?" he asked. Nick didn't expect that. He looked up from sipping his drink through the straw. "You know...she's more like what you go for.." "What's that supposed to mean?" "Dude, drop it," Brian interrupted, "He's just saying you go for the more...ummm...outgoing girls.." A.J. took a big swig of his Zima and slammed the drink down. "Well, I'm going to go find me another 'outgoing' girl and dance with her," he snapped. He got up and stalked off. Nick watched him walk off. "Dude, what's up with him?" he asked. Brian shrugged his shoulder and took a sip of his Pina Colada. "He's just a little jealous, that's all," he told him, "Don't worry about it." Nick finished his daquiri and wiped his mouth with a napkin. "That was good. I think I..." About that time, the waitress walked over to him and slid in the booth next to him. "Want another one?" she asked. Nick smiled slightly, feeling a little looser due to the alcohol. "Sure, if you don't mind," he said. She smiled at him. "Not at all, sweetie," she purred. She got up, walked over to the bar, fixed him another one and sat back down next to him. He started to reach for it but she pulled back. "You can have this under one condition.." He grinned at her. "Oh, really? What's that?" She bit her lip but smiled. "I get a dance with your fine ass self," she told him. He nodded. "As you wish," he flirted. She grinned again. "Good.." She sat there while he drank his drink and chatted with the others. "You guys are the Backstreet Boys, aren't you?" she asked. "Well, we're not 'N Sync," was Kevin's lameass reply. "Are you a fan of ours?" Brian asked, sipping his drink some more. She nodded then fingered Nick's collar. "Oh yeah, especially of this one," she teased. Nick about choked on his daquiri. Kevin, Howie, and Brian exchanged amused glances. Nick gulped down the rest of his daquri, feeling kind of woozy from the alcohol. He smiled over at the waitress. "Ready for that dance, sweetheart?" he slurred. She smiled wickedly and crawled out of the booth pulling him up. They walked over to the floor where the strobe lights were flashing everywhere. "Before we dance, what's your name?" he asked. She smiled, pulled him in to where his knee was in-between her legs and their bodies were pressed together, and leaned in. "Debbie," she whispered huskily, "But tonight you can call me yours." The music blared "Too Close" by Next and they grinded to the music. ****** "Damn this shit's good!" Amy exclaimed, eating another Jello shot that Leighanne ordered. By now, Amy was drunk. She'd had two daquiris, some of Beth's sex on the beach, and 2 Jello shots. All of a sudden she stood up and looked around. She smiled at the girls as "Too Close" came blaring on. "I think I'm gonna go find someone to do some horizontal fucking with," she slurred excitedly, "Because this is my song!" They laughed as they watched her stumble out on the floor. Amy looked around the dance floor until she saw a tall blond grinding with some busty blonde. She watched as he held her around the waist and circled his hips around with hers. Now that's my kind of dancing, she thought to herself. Boldly and drunkenly, she strutted over to the blond guy and tapped him on the shoulder. "Can I have this dance?" she slurred. The guy turned around and it sobered her right up. "Amy?" Nick asked, shocked as hell that she was standing before him. Amy felt her stomach turn. "Oh my god," she sputtered. She turned and ran out of the club. Nick turned to Debbie. "Umm..sorry to stop here, but I've gotta go. Umm...nice meeting you.." He pushed past all the people in the club and ran after Amy. Brian, Kevin, Howie, and A.J. saw him run out and started out after him. They saw Leighanne, Beth, and Jessie come running up to the door too. Apparently they had seen both Nick and Amy run out the door. Brian and Leighanne both started out the door after them but the others stopped them. "We brought them together, we have to let them deal with this on their own," Kevin said. ******* Amy stopped at a nearby bush as she felt a wave of nausea come over her. She leaned down and started vomiting. She didn't know if it was the alcohol or just seeing Nick that brought it on. "Amy! Amy, wait!!" she heard Nick yell. She wiped her mouth and took off her shoes. "Leave me alone, Nick!!" she screamed. She started running down the beach as fast as she could. She knew it was several miles from the cottage but she had to get there. She heard feet catching up with hers then felt two arms wrap around her shoulders, pulling her back. She fell down and Nick fell on top of her in the sand. She started pounding her fists against his arms but he grabbed her wrists and held her down. Amy wriggled but his grip was too much for her. "Let me go, Nick!!" she yelled. "Not until you let me talk to you," he told her. She narrowed her eyes at him. "I'll scream rape," she threatened. "No, you won't. And besides no one would hear you anyways. Just let me talk to you. Stop struggling Amy.." Exhausted, she stopped struggling and started whimpering. "Nick, you're hurting me," she whimpered, "Please let me go." He stood up and pulled her up. She dropped her shoes and started running off again. He caught up with and pulled her too him tightly, not letting her go. "Amy, stop fighting me please," he begged her. She laid her head on his shoulder and started crying. He stood there and held her, rubbing her bare sandy back. She felt so good being back in his arms again. "Amy, I know what you saw in there and I know what..." She looked up at him. "Nick, you don't have to explain anything to me," she said, "I know it was nothing, it just shocked me to see you. I'm sorry I ran off like that. I'm sorry about everything that's happened..." She started to cry again. He placed his lips on her earlobe and tried to hush her. "'s okay," he attempted to assure her, "I'm sorry too. The whole Mandy thing...I was upset and she was there and I..." "I understand, Nick. I don't blame you for what you did because if it had been the other way around with Lance, I would have been in the same situation." Nick pulled back and looked into those beautiful blue eyes he missed so dearly. "You understand?" She nodded. "So you forgive me?" She nodded again. He smiled and pulled her back to him. "Thank you, God..I love you Amy..," he gushed. She stepped back in disbelief. "What?" she asked, thinking she'd imagined those words. His smile faded. "I said I love you," he repeated. Amy's watery eyes danced as she heard those words. She smiled. "I love you too, Nick." And she knew it for sure this time. She felt her heart set free from all the pain she had experienced and fill with love, this time real genuine love. "Let's go home, Amy," he said. She nodded. Leaving her shoes in the sand, they trudged the several miles home arms around each other where they belonged.

Ch. 30 "It's so nice to see Amy and Nick together again," Leighanne sighed as felt Brian's arms wrap her bare waist. They looked over at the waterline where Amy and Nick were having a water fight, laughing and playing around. They watched as Nick scooped Amy up and place his lips gently against hers. Brian nuzzled his nose against the side of her neck, inhaling the scent of her skin and hair. "Yes it is," he breathed into her ear. He moved around to her side, interlacing their fingers, and smiled over at her. "Would you take a walk with me? I need to talk to you." Leighanne observed the seriousness of her boyfriend's usual playful appearance and her smile faded. "Is something wrong, Bri?" she asked. He smiled tenderly at her concern and shook his head. "I don't think so. Walk with me, talk with me.." He led her down the porch steps onto the cool white sand in the shadow of the condo. They started off hand in hand into the direction of the setting sun, quietly taking in the beauty of their surroundings. ***** Nick lifted his lips from Amy's and laughed wickedly. Amy realized what he was going to do but it was too late. He started running back into the water. "Amy, I love you and all, but I gotta do this." He tossed her into the waves. "Nick!" she screamed as she went under. She jumped back up in the waist-deep water gasping for air. She flipped her soaked hair back and gave Nick a devilish smile. "C'mere, Nick," she purred, "I need to have..a with you.." He laughed and backed up. "Gotta catch me first," he challenged her. He ran up the beach and Amy followed him, finding it hard to run through the thick, dry, hot sand. Losing her endurance, she stopped, waved him off, and turned around. "Forget you then," she gasped, trying to catch her breath. "Hey!" Nick exclaimed, "You can't give up now! Come back here!" She just kept walking back down the beach. Nick ran over to her and before she could do anything, he grabbed her around her waist and swung her around. "Gotcha!" She laughed. He sat her down but kept his arms around her waist, resting his head on her shoulder. Amy leaned her head back on his shoulder. They stood there and listened to the sound of the waves as they crashed on the shore. They watched as the sea gulls flew over them and felt the warmth of the hot Bahama sun as it shone on them. Amy looked sideways at Nick's face and caught his eyes on her. She smiled slightly. "What?" she asked. He shook his head slightly. "I was just staring at how the sun reflects on your eyes and thinking.." "About what?" "About how close we've become after both of us swore to never love again from our past experiences and about how perfect it is here with you and how after tomorrow we may never see each other again.." Amy slid down and looked up at Nick. "Sit with me, hold me," she told him. He kneeled down til he felt his butt touch the sand then stretched out his legs until they were parallel to Amy's. He wrapped his arms around her waist and she laid her head on his shoulder. She sighed longingly. "What was that for?" Nick asked. Amy shook her head. "I don't know. I'm just trying to soak in everything around us so I will remember it all when I'm back home away from you.." He leaned his face down and rubbed the side of it against her soft cheeks. She giggled. "That tickles.." "I'm just trying to inhale as much of your scent as possible so I can think of it while I'm home away from you.." "I wish I didn't have to go home tomorrow," she moaned. She felt him place kisses along her bare shoulders and leaned against him more. She leaned too much and caused him to fall backwards. He started to get up but she placed her hands on his chest. "Stay there.." She crawled up over him and slowly pressed her lips against his. He pulled her in, tightly pressing their bodies together. They could feel each other's hearts beating rapidly. Nick suddenly flipped them over and slowly laid on top of her. He watched her expression. "I'm not too heavy for you, am I?" he asked, concerned. She shook her head. "Nah, babe. If I start sinking in this sand, then you'll know," she teased. He smirked at her then leaned down to kiss her again. Just feeling those lips moving along with hers was enough to make her heart leap out of her chest and run along the beach. When his lips left hers and moved down to her bikini top covered torso, she was almost convinced it had. She closed her eyes and he slid the thin sky blue straps down her arms and began to kiss further and further down her chest. He removed the other strap and did the same to that side. He started to move down to her breasts when they heard yelling and giggling. Nick looked up. It was Brian and Leighanne going back to the house. It was getting too dark for them to see Nick and Amy so the two of them were safe. Amy sat up. "Why'd you stop?" she asked, finally opening her eyes. He looked from the house back to Amy. "I saw Brian and Leighanne, but they didn't see us," he filled her in, "Besides, I didn't think you'd want to go any further." Amy winked at him. "You never know," she replied, smiling. Nick stood up and held his hand out. "Well, in that case, wanna go finish this in mine or your room?" he hinted. He dusted the sand off of her while she adjusted her strap, making sure his hands brushed against her butt. "Maybe later," she said. A night breeze whipped through them and Amy involuntarily shivered. "Cold, Aim?" he asked. She grabbed her bare arms and her teeth chattered. "Just a little.." He pulled her to his side and started walking towards the house. "Me too. How about we go shower, change into something warmer, and come back out here for a night under the stars," he suggested. "Our last night together..," he trailed off sadly. She pretended to not hear the last comment. She smiled up at him. "Sounds great. Are we doing all this together?" she joked. He smiled and squeezed her tighter, kissing her cheek. "Sure, if you want to..." She laughed slightly. "Tempting, but maybe later..." They stopped at her house. He leaned over and kissed her again, sending another shiver down her spine of the warm kind. Without a word, they separated and walked off to their own houses. When Nick walked in and over to his room, he passed Brian's room and by the moaning going on, he quickly realized why he and Leighanne had ran in so quickly. He walked into his room and prepared for his shower. **** A little earlier in the evening... "What is it that you want to me talk to me about?" Leighanne asked, finally breaking the silence. Brian looked down at the footprints he and she were making in the wet sand then looked up at the bright almost red sun. "It is so beautiful here," he murmured. She looked over at the orange reflection of the sun being cast off on her boyfriend's face and smiled. "Yeah it is," she agreed. Brian looked over at her. "And especially right here," he added with a smile, "I am so glad you decided to stay the rest of the time. You've done so much. You helped Nick and Amy get back together and you've been here for me. I love you so much, Leigh, and I think this is the perfect place for what I'm about to do.." He stopped and reached into his pocket. Leighanne felt her heart leap in her chest as she saw him pull out a tiny black box and kneel down into the wet sand as the ocean waves broke just right behind him. He took her left hand in his and opened the box with his right hand. "Leighanne Wallace, will you marry me?" he proposed. She was so overwhelmed with emotion it left her speechless. All she could do was nod her head and watch as he slipped the tiny diamond engagement ring on her ring finger. He stood up and enveloped her in his arms, gripping her tightly. "I love you so much, Brian," Leighanne finally whispered, her voice wavering as tears flowed down her cheeks. She nuzzled her face into his shoulder. They looked up at the same time and their lips met passionately. Brian's large hands roamed her bikini clad body and he pulled her in tight, letting his hands roam under her sarong skirt. His lips left hers and moved down her neck along her shoulders and upper chest. She let her fingers intertwine in the soft curls on the nape of his neck and her long nails scraped gently against it. She stepped backwards and tripped, falling onto the wet sticky sand. She pulled Brian down with her, both laughing. Just as Brian moved his hands down to remove her sarong skirt and bikini bottoms, high tide rolled in and a wave crept up and crashed against them. Both of them gasped and burst into a fit of giggles. Brian stood up, pulled her up, and took her hand. He attempted to dust off some of the wet sand off her back but it didn't do too much. She smiled, a mischievous twinkle in her eyes sparkling. "Let's go finish cleaning up in the shower at home," she suggested. Brian smiled, nodded, and they took off hurriedly towards the house while the setting sun dipped further into the ocean. As they approached the house they saw two figures making out on the beach and realized it was Nick and Amy. Nick looked up at him and Brian started to say something but Leighanne nudged him so Brian just pointed at him. He and Leighanne ran into the house, they were the only ones home. They got into his room and locked the door. Before Brian could finish locking the door, Leighanne was already behind him, jerking off his bathing suit shorts. Brian turned around and untied her sarong skirt as he kissed her. They backed up into the bathroom and Leighanne turned the knobs on the shower on while still kissing Brian. Brian stopped and pulled the shower curtain back, stepping in. As the water beat down on him, he watched Leighanne step out of her bikini bottoms and untie the strings on her bikini top before stepping in with him. As the water beat down on the couple, they made love. ******* A.J. and Howie walked up the beach as the sky grew darker. "Where are we going?" Howie asked. "Up to Kelly and Tat's house," A.J. replied. "Why?" "Because we're leaving tomorrow and I want to say good bye to them." "Oh, why did you bring me?" "It's not like you have anything else to do." "That's true..." They walked up to the slightly worn light blue condo. The lights were off and there was a knock on the door. The two fellas walked up the steps and A.J. pulled the note out of the door, reading it silently to himself. Howie tried to read it over his shoulders. "What does it say?" he asked curiously. A.J.'s jaw dropped and he looked over at his friend. "They're gone, D," he replied, handing him the note, "Check out why.." Howie took the note from him and read it to himself. "To the Realtors: We have decided to leave early due to the incoming hurricane. The utilities and phone lines have been turned off and the house has been cleaned. We will return next summer. Thank you. The Santos" Howie looked up at A.J., a little bewildered. "What hurricane?" he asked. A.J. shook his head. "I don't know but it must be coming this way. We need to tell everyone." He took the note from Howie and slipped it back into the door. They walked down the stairs. A.J. turned around and glanced at the house in sorrow, thinking of Kelly. I didn't even get to say good bye, he thought sadly. And I really liked her. "A.J.!" Howie snapped him out of his daze. A.J. looked over at him. "C'mon!" A.J. turned around and they walked quietly back to the house.