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Ship of dreams ch 27-28

Ch. 27 *A month later...* "Amy, you've got to talk to him," Jessie persisted, "You know you care about him and if you don't do something soon, you're gonna lose him." Amy looked up at her from the steps with steel weary eyes. "I've already lost him," she replied. Jessie pulled Amy up and faced her. "No, you haven't, Aim," she argued, "Look over there at how lonely he is. He needs you just as much you need him." She pointed over at the water where Nick stood there, throwing sea shells out into the turbulent waves. Amy felt a sense of longing and an urge to run out there to him and have him hold her in his arms like he used to. The memories returned and that urge dissipated. She looked away. "Well, he's lost me," she said. She started to walk in the house. "Now if you would excuse me.." Jessie grabbed her arm and pulled her back. Amy sighed and looked upwards, rolling her eyes. "What?" "Amy, how could you say that? You know that what happened with Mandy wasn't planned to happen. You know if you had seen Lance that night on the beach and he would have come on to you, you'd be in the same situation that you're facing now, probably vice-versa..." Amy started to argue but Jessie stopped her. "No, you know you would have. Think about how you'd feel after Nick confronted you about it. What would be your reason for going back to Lance?" Amy tried to think of something but couldn't so she shrugged her shoulders. Jessie's eyes lit up and she nodded. "See? Nick doesn't know why he did it, it just happened. Nick was upset, Mandy was there, and the rest is history. Can't you learn to forgive and forget?" Amy sighed and looked at Nick one more time. She glanced back at Jessie. "I can forgive but something like that, I couldn't forget. What if he does it again? I'm not about to get my heart broken again. I'm scared I'll get hurt again..," Amy voice warbled. Jessie pulled her to her. "Amy, he won't," she reassured her best friend, "He cares about you too much. Don't you care about him?" Amy nodded and looked up. "That's what scares me," she replied, "I think I love him." ******** Nick picked up a seashell and moved it around in-between his fingers. He looked out at the choppy Atlantic waters and with a swift fluid motion of his arm, he chunked the seashell out. Because it was so light, it didn't go very far, just dropped in the shallow waters before him. He glanced backwards towards Amy's house to see her standing there with Jessie, talking, and looked back out at the water. When is she going to realize that I never meant to hurt her? he thought, I don't know why I slept with Mandy, it just happened. I was hurt, she was there, and I couldn't stop myself. He sighed, picked up another seashell and tossed it into the ocean. "Nick!!" he heard someone yell. He turned around to see Brian running towards him. "What, man?" he asked, seeing the wild look on his best friend's face. "I've got good news and bad news," he replied, smiling. Nick rolled his eyes. "Let me guess, the good news is that Amy's forgiven me but has decided to go back with Lance and that's the bad I right, Rok?" Brian shook his head. "Nooo. The good news is that a ship is not going to pick us up..." Nick's eyes lit up. "Why?" he asked. "That's the bad news," Brian replied, "A plane is coming in two days." Nick gasped. "What?!" he shrieked. Brian nodded. "Yup, if you and Amy are going to work things out, you better do it soon." Nick kicked up sand and cursed under his breath. "What the hell am I going to do, Bri? She won't even talk to me! Oh man, I'm screwed. Know what makes it worse, Bri?" Brian looked up sympathetically. "Yeah?" he asked. Nick sighed before his eyes wandered back to the ocean. "I think I love her..." ******* "Remember when we met?" Beth asked Kevin, looking up at him. They were lying in bed, Beth's head resting on Kevin's broad chest. Kevin traced his fingers along her face and leaned his head back on the pillow with a smile on his face. "Do I? Wow...Let's see, it was in 1990 on Jacksonville Beach. I had just broken up with Kristin, my dad had just died, and I was walking up and down that beach, looking for whatever answers I could find. I was hurt, lonely, feeling angry and abandoned, mostly from God. Then I looked up from the sand and saw the most amazing pair of blue eyes staring into mine. I knew right then my prayers had been answered, I'd found my soul mate. You knew exactly how I felt because your mother had died just days before and you and that Jeff guy had broken up after like a 6 year relationship..." He paused and chuckled. "Yeah, I remember," he replied nonchalantly. Beth giggled and nudged him in the side. "Remember our first big fight though?" she asked. Kevin thought about it for a second. It hit him. "Oh yeah. When I came home from our first European tour and found out that Jeff had been staying with you," he recalled, "And it pissed me off so bad because I thought that you were..ya know..behind my back or something. Because of that anger, I almost lost the best thing that ever happened to me." Beth sat up and pulled the sheets around her bare body, and looked at Kevin. "Don't you realize that's what going to happen to Nick and Amy?" she asked, "All because of an ex coming back, they're going to lose everything." Kevin sat up. "But Nick slept with Mandy," he replied, "That's about the equivalent to a stab in the heart. You didn't sleep with Jeff, it was different." Beth looked away. Kevin pulled her face back to his. "You didn't, did you?" Beth's eyes matched his. "No, but he did kiss me," she replied, "That was it." Kevin blew it off. "Okay, you scared me for a sec, babe." "Sorry," she apologized, "But back to Nick and Amy...they both love each other even if they haven't realized it yet and they are going to totally regret it if they don't make amends." Kevin nodded. "But what can we do?" Beth shrugged her shoulders. "I don't know, but let me talk to Leighanne and Jessie about it and we'll work something out.." She started to get up when Kevin pulled her back down. "Just where do you think you're going, Missy?" he drawled seductively. Without letting her reply, he pulled her back to him and they made love. ******** A little bit later... Jessie came running in the house. She had just gotten through talking to Leighanne and Beth. They came up with a plan to get Nick and Amy back together. The girls, Leighanne, Beth, and Amy, were going to go to the club to have a "Girls Night Out" while the fellas were going to talk Nick into going to the same club for a "Guys Night Out". The part about getting Amy and Nick to talk to each other was still unclear so they'd just let fate run its course and the night unfold. "Amy! Amy!" she yelled as she ran into Amy's bedroom. Amy sat up from writing in her journal and looked up at her over-excited friend. Jessie plopped on the bed next to her and picked up her journal. She started to open it and read it. Amy snatched it from her. Jessie grinned widely at her. "Whatcha writing?" she asked. Amy sighed. "If you must know, a song," she replied. "About who?" Jessie kept pushing her. Amy held onto her journal and smiled up at Jessie. "It's a story of how a really nosy friend got killed because she asked too many questions.." Jessie popped Amy on the leg, smirked at her, and stood up. "Cute, you'll have to let me hear it when you're done," she joked back. Her face grew slightly serious after that. "All right Amy, here's the plan...You, Leighanne, Beth, and I are going to hit the clubs tonight. Ya know, a little night away from the fellas, just us girls. And yes you are going. Now, get your ass up, take a nice hot shower, put something sexy on, and be ready to go." Amy peered at Jessie, suspicious. "Is this some bad attempt to get me and Nick back together?" she asked. Jessie put her hands on her hips. "Is Nick a girl?" "No.." "Then he ain't going then, is he?" "I guess not.." "Now then, get yo' ass up and do what I told you." Amy stood up and mock saluted Jessie. "Yes, ma'am," she teased, "But if Nick..." Jessie stopped her. "Nick's not going to be there," she lied, "Now go!" Amy ushered Jessie out of her room and locked the door. She looked down at her journal entry to what she had written. It read: "Why do I still need you Why do I still care Why do you still haunt me 'Cuz in my dreams, you are there Why do I still think of you Of holding you so tight Why do I still feeling loving you Is what makes my world so right Why is it only now that I realize I was fool for letting you go Baby, why, oh why did I say good-bye?" *AN- Yes I wrote this* Amy closed her journal and looked up, her eyes watering. She felt the stinging of loneliness creeping up on her and that longing for Nick to hold her returned. She pulled her knees into her chest and rocked back and forth. Her thoughts were interrupted by a firm knock on the door. "I don't hear that shower running, Aim!" Jessie yelled. Amy jumped up, placed her journal underneath her mattress and undressed. She ran in the bathroom and turned on the shower real quick. She jumped in the shower and poked her head out the curtain. "What's that, Jess?" she yelled, "I can't hear you over the water running..." "You can't fool me, Amy!" Jessie yelled back, "Now hurry up!!" Amy laughed and turned on the radio sitting on the sink next to her. "I Turn to You" by Christina Augilera was on. Amy started to reach out and change it but something stopped her. Instead, she found herself singing along.. "When I'm lost in the rain In your eyes I know I'll find the light to light my way When I'm scared, losing ground When my world is going crazy You can turn it all around And when I'm down you're there Pushing me to the top You're always there Giving me all you've got..." Amy listened to the words she was singing and realized she not only loved Nick, but she needed him as a friend. ***** "I am NOT going!" Nick protested, "No frickin' way! After what happened with Amy, I don't think I ever want to go back to a club." A.J., Kevin, and Brian stood over him. "C'mon, Frack," Brian begged, "Aren't you getting tired of moping around here?" Nick crossed his arms and shook his head. "Never know who you might run into," A.J. hinted. The other boys shot him a shut-up-before-you-blow-it look. Nick looked up at A.J. "Yeah, that's what I'm afraid of," he conceded, "Another run-in with Mandy. Lord knows we don't want Amy to hate me even more than she already does." Brian smiled crookedly at the secret he'd been told and sighed. "Well, you're going with us," he ordered Nick, "We're all going to be there so Mandy will not be bothering you, I swear." Nick looked at the expressions on his friends' faces and knew once again he had no choice. "Man!" he whined, "I hate it when all of you gang up on me like this. Fine! I'll go!" All the others grinned and backed out of the room. Kevin was the last one out and before he closed the door, he said one more thing. "Be ready in 30 minutes and don't worry, you'll have fun, we guarantee it." Nick nodded at him and locked the door. He walked over to the bathroom and turned on the shower. As he undressed he looked in the mirror. "Yeah, fun," he mumbled before stepping into the shower.

Ch. 28 "Amy, c'mon!!" Jessie yelled, "It's time to jet!" "All right already!" Amy yelled back, "Give me about 5 seconds and I'll be out!" "Hurry!!" Amy untied her robe and let it puddle around her ankles. She stepped out of it and picked up the short light blue dress Jessie picked out for her and slipped its straps off the hanger. She unzipped the back of it and pulled the dress over her head, letting it shimmy down her body. She reached back and zipped it up and admired herself in the mirror. She stepped into her sandals and brushed her shoulder length hair once again, watching it cascade down her shoulders. She picked up her bottle of Freesia body splash and sprayed it along her neck and just underneath the top of her dress. She smiled at her reflection and took a deep breath. "If Nick could only see me now," she said to herself. She walked over to the door and opened it. She saw Jessie, Leighanne, and Beth standing there talking quietly with their backs turned to her. She coughed slightly. They all turned around and exchanged grins. Amy smiled and turned for them. "So? How do I look?" she asked. Beth walked over to her and adjusted her bangs a little and smiled at her. "Girl, you are going to knock 'em dead tonight," she commented. "Nick Carter eat your heart out," Leighanne laughed. Amy's smile faded slightly. She was wishing she would see Nick. He was the only one she cared about looking good for. She felt a hand on her shoulder. "Amy, don't even think about Nick tonight," Jessie replied, "Just have a good time." She then looked back at Leighanne and Beth who tried to hide their guilty grins. "So are we all ready to go now?" Leighanne asked, "Because I am ready to PAR-TAY.." They all ran out to Leighanne's silver rental BMW Z3 and climbed in. Before Leighanne got in she looked up to see Brian staring at her outside the window. She gave him a nod, the signal for them to leave. She climbed in the car and started it. They drove off to Point Cove, the biggest dance club in Nassau. ******** "Fellas, there's our cue," Brian said, looking back at the guys. "Is Nick ready?" A.J. walked in the room. "He said he's about ready," he reported, "I had to help the boy pick out some nice clothes. The boy thinks he can wear jeans everywhere he goes, I swear. Mr. Stylish here helped him out so he'll knock A..." He saw Kevin swiping his hand across his neck to motion for him to shut up. They heard footsteps as Nick walked into the room. He stood there, his hands in the pockets of his dress khakis, looking nervous as hell. Brian walked over to him and pulled his hands out of his pockets and adjusted the collar of his light blue button down RL shirt. He smiled at his best friend. "You are going to knock the ladies dead tonight, Frack," he told him. Nick tried to smile but he knew the only one he wanted to see him was Amy. That wasn't going to happen though. "Why do I have to go again?" he asked. "Because you need to get out of this house and enjoy the scenery around here, bro," A.J. said, "Especially the ladies..." Nick rolled his eyes. "You know there's only one lady for me.." "And you don't have her, do you?" Kevin spoke up. Nick looked away. "Yeah, so?" "Nick, just come with us," Howie said, "You'll have a great time, believe me. If you don't, we won't make you do this again." "And we're leaving in 2 days so make the best of this beautiful island," Brian replied, "Besides, it's not very often I get time from Leighanne so I'm gonna wanna party my ass off. Now, let's go." They walked out of the house and out to Kevin's Pathfinder. Nick looked longingly next door to Amy's house. He started thinking how he'd rather be in there holding Amy in his arms like he did that night they baby-sat Emily. That was the night that started all this crap. He noticed that the light was off. He pointed it out to Brian. "Where's Amy, Leighanne, Jessie, and Beth?" he asked. Brian shrugged his shoulders. "They probably went shopping or something," he lied. Nick nodded his head, but didn't believe him. Something was up; he just couldn't place his finger on it. He climbed in the back seat and they rode off to the club. ******* The four girls walked in the doors and were completely surrounded by a huge cloud of smoke and the extremely loud music blaring through the club. Amy just stood there, letting her eyes adjust to the darkness of the place. She saw people drinking alcohol and looked over at her friends. "Are you sure this is where we want to be?" she asked, "Because I'm not exactly at the age of drinking or smoking." Leighanne smiled and closed her wallet. "Don't worry, I took care of that," she replied. Amy eyed her carefully. "How much did you give them?" "A couple of bucks, that's all. Now let's find a place to sit." They walked over to the middle of the club right near the bar and were helped into their seats by two extremely gorgeous male waiters. Leighanne smiled flirtatiously at the men. "Thank you," she said. One of the male waiters whispered something to the other and the other one walked off. The remaining waiter smiled at the ladies. "My name is Craig," he replied, laying coasters down for them on the table, "and I will be your waiter for the evening. What would you ladies like to drink tonight?" Leighanne looked at all the girls then back up at Craig. "I'd like a martini," she said. She looked over at Beth. "A sex on the beach for me, please," she said. She looked over at Jessie. "A Bacardi calypso here." They all looked at Amy who eyed the menu uncomfortably. She looked back up at the waiter. "Do you have anything no..." "She'll have a strawberry daquiri," Leighanne spoke up for her. Amy looked at Leighanne, giving her a "You know I don't drink" look. Leighanne just waved it off. Craig smiled at the ladies, but especially at Amy. "Okay ladies, I will be back with your drinks in a few seconds." He winked at Amy and walked off. "Leighanne, what are you doing?" Amy screeched, "I don't drink alcohol and you know it!" Leighanne leaned over and looked at Amy. "You got the least alcoholic drink," she reassured her, "You won't even taste it, I promise." Amy sighed but looked off, still upset. Jessie smiled at the girls then back at Amy. "Did you see that waiter eyeing Amy?" she asked. Beth smiled as well. "Oh yeah," she replied, "Amy, how do you attract all these sexy guys?" Amy smiled a little. "Oh I don't know. What are you talking about? Girl, you've got Kevin! If he ain't sexy, I don't know who is!" Beth sat back with a mock-arrogant look on her face. "Well, that's true," she replied. "Hey! What about my man?" Leighanne reacted. Beth, Amy, and Jessie laughed. "Who, Brian?" Amy teased, "What's so sexy about that little skinny runt?" Leighanne took offense to that. "Uh!" Beth, Jessie, and Amy laughed. "She was joking, L!" Beth laughed, "Chill!" "Brian is sexy too," Amy told her, "But there's just something about Kevin..." Beth started to say something but looked up to see Brian and the others walk in. She pointed to them with her eyes at Leighanne. About that time, their drinks came by. Leighanne stood up. "Excuse me, I've got to use the bathroom," she lied. She got up and walked over to Brian, pulling him off to the side. "How'd it go with Nick?" she whispered in his ear. He leaned over to the side where his lips brushed her ears slightly. "We almost didn't get him here," he whispered back, "Now where are we going to have them meet?" Leighanne looked back at the table where Amy was flirting with the waiter and sipping her daquiri and Beth and Jessie were watching in amusement. She looked back at Brian. "Umm...I don't know just yet," she replied, "When I do, I'll tell you. Wait! I have an idea! Be right back!" Brian watched Leighanne walk swiftly over to Craig and pull him away from Amy. She whispered something to him and stepped back, smiling. He nodded, smiled at Amy, and walked off. Leighanne swayed back over to Brian and smiled. "It's all set," she told him. She pulled him in again. "Here's what we're going to do..."