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Name - Aron Porszasz

Date of Birth - 25th June, 1980

Place of Birth - Pecs, Hungury

Aron Porszasz. I was born in Pecs, Hungary on June 25th. 1980. Coming from a half-musician family I have 4 years of formal music training and 6 years of piano playing behind me in music school. I also went to a music oriented elementary school and sang in the choir of the school for 4 years. We have toured in Europe and sang in several important ecclesiastical events such as at the visit of Pope John Paul II. to Hungary.

I started to be interested in playing the drums at around age twelve and ever since I've been banging rhythms on every surface I could find. I am relatively self taught on the instrument with only one year of formal drum training. This is the second band I'm palying in, the other having failed by the unenthusiasm of the other members.

I play a TAMA Rockstar drumset with Zildjian and Paiste cymbals and Vic-Firth 5A drumsticks.