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Name - Amit Wadhawan

Date of Birth - 1st December, 1981

Place of Birth - New Delhi, India

I was born in New Delhi, India on 1st of December, 1981. I went to a british school till the fifth garde and then to a private school thereafter. I started listening to rock music around the 7th or 8th grade and bought my first guitar, an electric guitar which was a copy of the Ibanez JEM series, in the 9th grade. Mostly it was used for air guitar while I listened to Metallica and Iron Maiden. I got together with some friends in my high school who played guitar and started learning songs from there on. My first song on the guitar was "Smoke on the water", next I went to the first few chords of "Paradise city". After a year I knew a whole lot of songs but none of them right to the finish!

I moved to the U.S. in 1997 during the 11th grade, it was October I think. There I lived at my aunt's house in Arizona for 6 months and played my guitar about once in two months. Then in August of 1998 I moved to Los Angeles, California where I graduated form high school. Then I went on to a community college called El Camino College(funny for all u indians out there). In the 12th grade I bought an Ibanez RG 320DX guitar. I met Himmat. Arjun is his brother, so that's how i got to know him. As for Emre and Aron, I met them in college through the International Club there. It was all just coincidence that all of us played instruments that make a perfect band :). In March of 2001, a few Floyd Rose parts of my Ibanez broke so I bought a Gibson Les Paul. This guitar has been my dream guitar since I can remember. It really amazing to play on and has awesome pickups with great sustain. I really recommend this guitar to all who are looking for a guitar.

Equipment: Right now I play a Gibson Gothic Series Les Paul with a Korg multi-effects processor and a Crate GFX30 amp. I also have an acoustic guitar, a bass guitar and two other electric guitars.