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we don't mind you downloading our music, but if you're doing anything other than listening to it please email and give appropriate credit.



name type size description
the jam mp3 3.3MB the classic. go to one of our gigs and you will definately hear this.


more music soon. writing in progress, recording to follow, more gigs, less beers: no, don't hold your breath...

coming soon to a website near you:

heart beat in 2 step

i don't like beauty

what the FCUK, dave going solo at Glastonbury, where's the rest of depeche? campness back in fashion as middlengland go on a trip 'round the world and back'

and you don't have to move you just sit still.......


2003 empirion designs {} contact middlengland at 10 jays close, winyates green, redditch, worcs or email