Nature-boy... sharp, and coy
 suckin' on the stuff of my new found joy
Keepin' it clean... so pristeen
...check out the sheen o' my new sound scheme...

Strokin' hollowed-out wood... 12 strings in a line
...doin' it right, yo, ain't wastin' no time
Got faces to see, places to go
...and, you know i never fell for the "Just say no"
It seems the worlds gone sour... no brain power remembers the premise of the flower
Everyone i know is trippin'... bed-to-bed slippin'
Showin' the other side, face-flippin'
But, me and my bros... we jammin'
...heart-felt scammin'
Nothing but the truth, in your face, we slammin'
...and, you know that when it comes down to the funk
                              your not abandoned...
And, tho' this world is f***ed-up
             ...we just lucked-up
So, work with me now, ya mother-f***ers and stand-up

Get up... move something
...check out the sheen o' my new sound scheme
Get up...move something
...keepin' it clean... so pristeen

Yo, twist the wax out ya ears
 come with me, embrace your fears
ain't got no time for your tears
  your grindin' burgers with your gears
wipe the sleep out ya eyes
  start makin' music with your thighs
move 'em left, send 'em right
yo, check it out, the shit is tight
full of funk... full of soul
Ben, bust out the drum role...