i guess your sails just don't seem to catch my drift...

 ...all that's ever really mattered is some kind of meaning
 all I've ever truly searched for is the truth
 ...and the only truth I've ever found behind the meaning
 is that the truth isall that truly matters...

 same ol' drone behind my ears, chalk it up to my distastefully reverent years

 ...yet still I grasp my cup with arms outstretched
 waiting patienly to get my fill
 ...as for the man who's found his..."cup hath runneth over"...
 experience has found is a bitter swallowed pill...

 this perverbial voice behind my eyes, produces clouded sight... proof of my demise

 protestant, much to violent...roman catholic, moral dissident
 if ever I'm found or should I say digress
 I'd much rather have it said that "he was his own witness..."

 not Jehovah not Zeus nor Budda... no I'm the only entity that's in my head...
      ...thank god?

 ...never put much stock in all your politics
 never put much faith in your idealistic crucifix
 ...never felt the healing truth between your written lines
 how can I base my life on something that's happened before my time...?