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ImAGine "sEe nO EvIL..." cD sAMplEr iS On sAle NoW FOr oNLy $5 + $2 sHipPInG
WitHIn tHE usA ANd $3 ShiPpiNg iNTeRnAtiONaL.
THe fIRsT 100 cOPies wILL bE nuMBerED ANd sIGned bY tHe bANd. sO BE suRe tO
e-MaiL US To rEServE yOUr coPY tODay.




"The pronounced martial beats of "THE ENTITY" marches in and kicks off this
four song demo tape, which is classic, uncompromising, old-school heavy
metal. Citing influences as diverse as Metallica and Beethoven, Imagine
makes music that is big and powerful, loaded up with hair-flying guitar solos
executed with Viking tenacity - but also with a little Queen harmonics tossed
into the mixture."



" close attention, Imagine is the new heirs to the throne".

Eric - Azara Records


Imagine, "Great guitar work, both acoustic and electric.
Solos that go far beyond the typical minor pentatonic.
Zyva picks great bass notes to sit on and highlights sweet notes
in the more elaborate chords.
Compositions that offer more than just I-IV-V-I."

Steven - Crog Music