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Daniel Lancaster-Guitar Wes Vanden Oever-Bass
Jonathan Snell-Vocals, Guitar Dana Corrigan-Guitar

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May 21st, 2K
Here to stay, maybe
Well were pretty much only updating the 3dmm page, oh well. I just added 21 movies to the new releases page! We now have 172 movies!!!!!!!!! Cool eh? Well we will probably stay open if the trafic starts to pick up.

May 16th, 2K
150 baby!
I just updated the 3dmm page(of course) we now have 150 movies with reviews and all. We also changed
the left frame and added some stuff because ppl don't like us so we showed them,,,,,,YEAH!!!

May 2th, 2K
Side frame
We updated the left frame a bit. Expect more to come. We mostly just made it so you can navigate better.

April 26th, 2K
3dmm update
We updated the 3dmm page. We also intend to change the set up of this site a little. It will make it easier to go where you want to go. Some 3dmm people have been complaining. The site will also be renamed littleband productions.

April 19th, 2K
And thats.......the rest of the story.
Well we decided that instead of our site being one of the main conserns in our life-it would be the last.....sooooo that means no more updates. Well at least for a while. We will update when it seems fit. Like just now! I added 2 mor movies to the OUR MOVIES section. So watch em and put em on your page! Anywho.....I dont like you.

March 31th, 2K
I eat fecal matter like you for breakfast!
Well were done!!! Woo hoo!!! We got all the gifs on the 3DMM page(except for I know2, I cant find that movie) and we finished our new layout. We also added few more sections like, My pics and gifs(whrere you can find MY PICS AND GIFS) Old news(actually we just put stuff there, we didnt add it.)And "change resolution" click there to make the page fit your resolution. Wwwweell fella's I think ill just have another beer!(eh dana remember??? eh?? eh?)Ok for todays joke we have dana live!
"Hi im dana!"

March 29th, 2K
This is the new site format.
So your just going to deal with it. We tried to have the frames blend in more. We also moved everything from the top frame to the main page. And if the devil dosn't like it he can sit on a tak ouch! sit on a tak ouch! sit on a tak ouch!

March 14th, 2K
Yo yo yo. yo yo yo yooo...yo.yo yo yoooo.yooo.Yo, Hey Im frgin talkin to you ...yo.
Well hello, Today we got another large update. We got lots more tab, including weezer nirvana radiohaed and rage. and we also got a whole crap load more of movie, 99 to be exact. Oh yeah and sign the guestbook ya big freakin wanker, hehehehe. We also hit 800 hits a couple of days ago....Go Jon Daniel Team...Hehehe stupid dana. Well after all the fuss in the community mat and jon left, no wait they got booted...hehehe stupid wankers. Anyway soon enough we will have a page devoted to how much we hate them!!! woohooo. Not really though i was just sauin stuff. Well anyway make sure that you don't just go to the new release section to get movies cause every page gets new movies almost everyday. Well bye.

March 5th, 2K
An inter stller burst...I'm back to save the universe
Well my wonderfull minoins. In this update we got a whole lot of cool and crazy mumbo jumbo. The 3DMM part of the page is groing rapidly with allmost 100 megs of files there and also today I found a mysterious lump on my anus, hehehe I said Anus. No but seriously my bum really hurts! ok not seriously. So we got a letter wed like to post, BUT theres one problem; YOU DON'T WRITE, NO LETTERS MEANS NO LETTER OF THE DAY!!! anyway stay fit be cool stay in school. Oh yeah we also got our others people tab up and were trying to get an "other indie bands" section. So if your a small band and think you deserve some recognition then email us. Please email us...were sooo lonley, lonley. OH woe is me woe is me. Anyway expect a large update tommarow in the 3dmm section, also coming is some more pics. Oh yeah we need a joke of the day don't we. CRAP!
You suck cause you don't email us. Ha ha ha wasn't that funny, but remember theres nothing funny about "VAPOUR LOCK" it's the number one cause of car stalls in america, well see yeah. I'm Joe Namith.*frowns*
Woah I wet myself during that one...hahaha.

Febuary 25, 2K
(place funny caption here)
Hello big update today, we got a few people in the guesty writing and we got a crapola load o stuff on 3DMM(movie maker) page.
Hey so about that whole threatining you and saying we were going to kill and stuff...
No but really were sorry...were mostly sayin that because we got the I.R.S. The F.B.I the B.Y.C the C.I.O. and of course the C.I.A. Oh yeah and the, R.C.M.P. H.L.G.T. Y.R.E.S. Q.U.R.S. AND Y.O.U.R. M.O.M.M.A.
Ok heres the joke of the day;
Yo momma so fat that i saw her on the road and im my attempt to miss her i ran out of gas.HAHAHAHA...If you dont get it then you suck!!!!! hahahahahahah P.S. sorry about that, it was totally uncalled for
here how about this one; Your momma's fat!

Febuary 16, 2K
Our first letter!!!
Well today we got our first letter, wow! So here it is:


Yes well as you you can see we were just as confused as you must be. Um don't really know how to make fun of this letter except by saying "Whaaat, the hey now?" Ummmmmm she spelt "be" "B" ummmm yeah. Keep up the good work!!! Ok for todays joke:
Yo momma so fat that the hot tub occupancy sign reads: MAXIMUM OCCUPANCY, 150, OR YO MOMMA!
Yes well as you can see its not to great or ethical or moral...IM GOING TO HELL!!! Oh well. For today we got more stuff on 3DMovieMaker ect ect ect

January 15, 2K
Look, its Satan
Hello new for this wonderfull week is; The 3D movie maker section. Here theres tonnes of other cool stuff, all to do with...3D Movie Maker(ahh the great powers of deduction!)

Also we gots a wholes bunches more of gamesemagames!(i good grammer, yes?)
Also with every update were going to have a "JOKE OF THE DAY" in wich we will post your jokes or if we have none then will post our own. So get typing and send us those jokes!