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Lack of Sense Records

18:15pm - 30th January 2003: Hey whoever is reading this, sorry this site hasn't been updated for so long. I do have a good reason! Me and some friends have decided to turn Lack of Sense into a record label!!! So expect some major changes in the next few weeks. The domain name has already been purchased and everything is going according to plan!! I'll still be putting on gigs for bands as that is fun to do!!

- metalEd

19:28pm - 20th January 2003: Added some CD reviews, new staff etc and just basically cleaned up the site a little bit. Thats all for now!!!

- metalEd

01:35am - 20th January 2003: Ok, some proper news. First event of this promotional thingy is on the 15th Feb at King's Hall in Dover. Five bands are playing and you can find out who by looking on your right or clicking the upcomming gigs page...which have the flyers and posters!! It would be cool if you could give them out or something!!! I hope you all try and make it down, should be a good one! Who is reading this! Probably no one! Gotta spread the word! See ya!

- metalEd


Welcome to Lack of Sense records! We are a new record/promotion company based in the south of kent. Basically what happens here is that we try and get bands to play down in Dover. The music scene here isn't exactly the best in the world so I'm going to try and change that! We are also a record company, when I found out what that means then I'll write some more stuff about it here!! :) Hopefully in the next couple of months good things will be happening. If you want to play in Dover or just have any comments and stuff then you can mail me here. Anyway, enjoy the site...

Upcomming Event:

15th Feb 2003 - Kings Hall Dover.
Featuring: Battleska (Cambridge)
3 Day Benda (Portsmouth)
All But None (Canterbury)
StanXa (Dover)
Minor Defect (Ashford)

Only 3.50!!!

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Edward Li:
Colin Meads:
Mike Morris:

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Jon Stubbings:
Richie Philipson:

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