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Koffee Haus is a Folk Rock band from Kansas City, Missouri.

We created the band as an outlet for our original music.

Being brothers, David and Doug create a blend of music similar and dissimilar at the same time.

Ranging from Love ballads to upbeat Pop/Rock tunes the music is defined by its' simplicity,

along with the depths of its' origins.

Rita adds a whole new dimension to the Koffee Haus sound

with her original compositions and fresh vocal talents.

We are in the beginning, evolutionary stages of our being,

so join us won't you and experience the presence of Koffee Haus

David Inman - Rythm Guitar - Keyboards - Vocals

David hails from Heartland U.S.A., Kansas City, Missouri.

Born all the way back in 1955, he's been playing music since he was twelve.

"I started out listening to my mom play the Hammond Organ.

She used to play a lot of numbers from the 40s era

and it fascinated me that a person could make music any way they liked on a keyboard.

I remember when the Beatles first hit it big,

my Dad would bring home their records and we'd play those and sing along with them.

He bought a Silvertone guitar and amp and we learned to play a few very simple songs.

I've been playing ever since, mostly piano but i also love to play the guitar.

Though I've never gotten that good at it, I can still drive home a pretty solid rythm

that the other members of the band can play off of."

Douglas Inman - Bass Guitar - Keyboards - Vocals

Douglas began life in Kansas City, Missouri in 1964.

Davids' little brother, he grew up in the same atmosphere,

surrounded by things musical and the excitement of the British Invasion.

Doug first formed a band many years ago with Joe and a few other friends

called English Leather. Today the Bass Drum hangs from the ceiling of a local restaurant.

Very much influenced by the more mellow side of rock music,

Doug blends smooth bass lines with edgy piano riffs to almost bring a blues quality to the music.

Doug creates some of the sweetest melodic lines on his Alesis keyboard this side of the Mississippi.

Blend that with a subtle, yet forceful rythm and beat and you have the heart and soul of our music.

Rita Mangold - Lead Vocals Guitar

Rita is the newest member of Koffee Haus.

With her fresh vocal style and the depth and beauty of the songs she writes,

Rita adds a whole new dimension to the Koffee Haus sound.

Right now, we're still waiting, but soon she'll have her personal bio info here for you.