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Chris Strange - Keyboards

Chris's life has always been entangled with music somehow. His parents were always jammin' on guitar, flute, piano, turntables or whatever until all hours of the night with their illicit fondue party jams back in the day. After his dad played him a Jimmy Smith record one day, the sound of a hammond organ was all he could think about. Chris began practicing along with those classic cuts on "Incredible" and "Respect" . Also, in high school and in college down in Winston-Salem, NC (GO DEACONS!!!), he got heavy into Jimmy McGriff, as well as some of the experimental stuff coming out at the time by a little band that called themselves "Phish" . So he knew one day he'd be a Hammond player.

The thing is, they weigh a hell of alot. So now, he's cool with the tasty Korg Cx-3, a slightly used Fender Rhodes ($50 - thanks Kessler!), an E-mu Classic Keys rack doohickey, and a Korg M-1 for piano & more weird stuff. Chris describes his style as "somewhere between groove and jazz/pop", which is a weird place if you're in a rock band. But it's cool - the live arena is his favorite place to be. (Waxing philosophical): "Onstage is where you put your regular guy, straight man character aside and ... something else takes hold. It feels good - real good."

If there were some cats he could hang with (even for a little while) - it would definitely be - "Miles' electric group around '75-'77 - they were creating a universe of sounds that noone had conceived possible, because Miles was such a musical Nostradamus. That's what good music is - the truth is in the sound, because words can be twisted around until they mean nothing.