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December 09,2000/Toucan Lounge-Lewiston, Maine

December 15,2000/Barnboard-Rumford,Maine

December 16,2000/Barnboard-Rumford,Maine

December 22,2000/Private Christmas Party

December 29,2000/Barnboard-Rumford,Maine

December 30,2000/Barnboard-Rumford,Maine

NEW YEARS EVE!!!!!/Barnboard-Rumford,Maine

January 05,2001/Toucan Lounge-Lewiston,Maine

January 06,2001/The Remember When-Naples,Maine

January 20,2001/Riverside Lounge-Bath,Maine

January 26,2001/Toucan Lounge-Lewiston,Maine/ADMISSION IS FREE!!!!/Special Guest Appearances by Joey Gamache and John Baldacci!!!!

January 27,2001/Toucan Lounge-Lewiston,Maine

February 02,2001/Toucan Lounge-Lewiston, Maine

February 03,2001/Toucan Lounge-Lewiston, Maine

February 09,2001/The Falls-Sanford, Maine

February 10,2001/Toucan Lounge-Lewiston, Maine

February 16,2001/The Whitehall-Old Orchard Beach, Maine

February 17,2001/The Whitehall_Old Orchrd Beach, Maine

February 23,2001/Toucan Lounge-Lewiston,Maine With Special Guest Appearance from Scott Labbe of Orange Parade

February 24,2001/Toucan Lounge-Lewiston,Maine With Special Guest Apearance from Scott Labbe from Orange Parade

March 02,2001/Barnboard-Rumford,Maine

March 03,2001/Barnboard-Rumford,Maine

March 10,2001/Sunday River-Bethel,Maine

March 16,2001/Old Port Tavern-Portland, Maine

March 17,2001/Old Port Tavern-Portland, Maine

March 23,2001/The Whitehall-Old Orchard Beach, Maine

March 24,2001/The Whitehall-Old Orchard Beach, Maine

March 30,2001/Toucan Lounge-Lewiston, Maine

March 31,2001/Toucan Lounge-Lewiston, Maine

April 6,2001/Toucan Lounge-Lewiston, Maine

April 7,2001/Toucan Lounge-Lewiston, Maine