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Yes, yes I have been through a lot.

Been put through a lot.

But this tops them all.

This is my crucible.

This is my test.

My final test.


          Will I survive?

  Will I


  Will I live to tell?


Questions pester me dearly as I step forward onto the platform.

I look to my left,

          I see the holy lands with crucifixes outlining the hilltops.

I look to my right,

          I see the badlands, outlined with dead rotting carcasses of deceased warriors.

I look strait ahead,

          I see the palace of the high lords, smoking their wretched pipes, laughing in my face.

I look down below me,

          I see the devil with his thousand eternity slaves picking at his feet.

I look up,

          I see heaven,

  I see


Sitting on his massive throne, looking at me with the straightest face.


I reach my hand out,

  "Help me, save me.


  Jesus oh Lord."


He turns his head.

The platform gives out.

I feel the pain engulf my body.

My body goes into convulsions, I look back up to God.

God still clenching, like the world he so dearly created had ended,

Clenched tightly the rope that controlled my very death.

A tear fell down my cheek.

With my last breath escaping my grasp,

     I whisper…

                   "There- is- no- God-."



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