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Chapter One - God


Irregularities of God

          No, I have never experienced such a tremendous loss ( i.e. death ) that I lost it. No, I have never had such a great sorrow in my life. Never a big let down, nothing ever happened to me to make me say there is not god. I was actually born a devout Christian. I used to sit at the church squirming around and screaming to leave because it was so boring and redundant. After countless altercations my parents finally agreed to stop taking me to church. After that point I never really thought about god again.

          Until recently. I started to think about god again and how the possibility of a god was not even remotely feasible. I basically say this due to the significant lack of evidence of a god ( even though I truly believe that the existence of a god is ultimately unknowable, unless revealed by an act of god, also called agnosticism. Also, some people would aver that the bible is the one single proof of gods exist-

ence, but any crazed lunatic could have written the bible and called it holy. ) But there have been tremendous amounts of developments of evidence for the nonexistence of a god.

          Prayers: Don’t work at all. If god was truly above time he would have the foresight to see ( because if someone is above time they know the past, present, and future ) to see all that is wrong in the world and change it, so prayers would be useless. If you do pray it would be like questioning gods will.[1]  Here is a simple test you can do at home to prove there is no god. Go home and pray for a pizza. If you don’t get the pizza, either: god can not do it, then he is not omnipotent and not worthy of being worshiped, or, god can do it but he is not willing, then he is malevolent and not worthy of being worshiped.

          Races: If Adam and Eve were the first two people on earth, and god created man in image of himself, and all theists don’t believe in evolution. How is it possible for the different races? It plainly not possible. You cannot breed two homozygous[2] creatures for Caucasian skin tone and end up with African Americans, Koreans, Mexicans, etc etc.

          Incest: Incest is bad right? Then every single person who believes in a god is a sinner and/or a bastard[3]. This is because marriage with an unrelated person is not possible. If all life descended from Adam and Eve, we are all linked together.

          Defamation of women: Back in olden times, women were not considered in the same “class” as men were, and therefore treated like dirt. Such as: not being able to vote, not able own land, forced to stay at home, can not run business’, were beaten, raped, sodomized, and generally put down. All of this was just a reflection on the time. The bible was written in the same exact way. Torturing women, raping them, etc etc. All of these present in the bible. A benevolent god would be indifferent to this kind a lunacy, and it would not be portrayed in the bible, but it is. Which suggests that the bible was a story written  by common man.

          Dishonesty of the church: During the middle ages ( and probably the rest of history too ) the church has lied to gods creatures time after time. Here are a few examples: Indulgences, flat world theory, and heretic burning. Indulgences are a thing the church made up to make up lots of money

( like they weren’t powerful and rich enough back in the middle ages. ) What these indulgences supposedly did was to “buy your way into heaven.” Of course everyone knows you can’t buy

‘Here at the stake countless lives were wasted in the name of god… How pitiful.’

your way into heaven, it is through devotion and belief. Secondly, the church believed ( and made everyone else believe ) that the earth was flat. Of course we know this is not true today because of satellite photos. Anybody who said the earth was not flat but rather spherical was burned at the stake. Some of our greatest minds were almost burned at the stake ( Galileo, Aristotle, Newton, etc ect. ) Thus bringing us to our third point. Heretic burning. Quite constantly throughout the Middle Ages and all of time, heretics, people who said blasphemous[4] things against the church were burned at the stake. In any culture putting someone else to death is a serious crime and a major sin deserving punishment. So, why don’t we punish religion for doing this crime against humanity?

          Contradictions in the perfect word[5] of god[6]. Likewise, the bible also believes in witches[7], which everyone knows is not true.

Evidence for evolution: Scientists have recently recreated the first amino acids. These scientists accomplished this by recreating prehistoric earth ( which means high temperature, no oxygen, and high concentration of other elements ) and after they recreated prehistoric earth, they passed electrical currents ( to simulate lighting ) through the solvent. ( I am not exactly sure of the materials that were in this mixture, but it did contain at least sulfur, carbon dioxide, and water. ) Then after analyzing the contents of the mixture after the lighting strikes simple amino acids and nucleotides were found to be produced. Thus, explaining how the first proteins were produced and strengthening evidence for evolution.

The Untouched Child: A child is cast away and ends up on a desert isle. This child then grows up and lives his whole life on this island ( alone, mind

you, ) and this kid has no idea what a god is. He never heard the “word of god” or never even had to come to the conclusion that there is a god. Now, would this child be cast into the “flaming fires[8]” of hell?

On one hand yes, because he never claimed his devotion to god, never gotten his pentace, and never righted his wrongs. According to god he would be put into hell for this. But on the other hand, a truly just god[9] can’t send someone who could not have possibly known about a god who didn’t reveal himself to the child or who could not have any possible communication with other people or getting his hands on a bible. How could a just god do this?

Conclusion: I appear to have named a significant amount of evidence that supports in the fullest that there is no god. In writing this paper I hope I have struck something in your heart ( your brain rather ) and caused you to examine you beliefs.

[1] I got this little bit of theory off of the Internet.

[2] Two dominant alleles of the same trait

[3] Illegitimate child

[4] Things that oppose church thoughts; sacrilegious. I.E. this whole paper is extremely blasphemous.

[5] Psalms 19:7

[6] Jhn 19:14 vs Mk 15:25 Time of Death, Matt 16:55 Commandment Contradiction, Gen 7:12 vs Gen 7:24 Flood Dates,  Gal 5:2 vs Gen 17:10 Circumcision, and Luke 14:26 vs Ex 20:12 Love Thy Father. These are just some of the contradictions I found. I barely even scratched the surface of biblical contradictions.

[7] Deut 18:10

[8] Thess 1:8

[9] Isaiah 45:21



Chapter Two - Afterlife


Death Begets A Void

It all starts out with an egg and a sperm. These two join and fuse into one. Do you remember this? Do you remember anything before your birth? No, because your mind ( In this article whenever I say mind, I am usually referring to the brain and its functions, or basically consciousness ) has not fully formed yet. Then, as your progressing fetus develops more and more it starts to develop your brain, but it does not mature until the age of two or three when your mind starts to think for itself. Now, here, at this point in time, your mind has developed enough to comprehend, store, and retrieve vital information for survival.

Then, as you grow older you gain

more and more information and your mind keeps growing and growing and then bam! Your mind hits an apex. From there your mind progressively breaks down. Your minds progress can be plotted on a graph quite similar to the one in figure A. The void part on the graph I will explain

later on. Now, with all the previous

information in your head, we will use

Occam’s Razor, a theory, so commonly

used by theists, states that “entities should not be multiplied unnecessarily,” meaning simplest of competing theories be preferred over more complex ones. Occam’s Razor promotes the thought that if the mind and body progressively grows from birth, then reaches a climax, then falls back down, and goes back to the void like birth then the mind dies with the body.

          Is it easier to say that the mind grows with the body then simply dies? Is that easier to say or that the soul is born from the touch of god, ( an omniscient, omnipotent, omnibenelovent, invisible being controlling the world ) lives a life full of grief then dies, and his/her soul is then perpetuated into a realm of eternal bliss or eternal damnation? I didn’t think so.

          Now, this void I was talking about earlier is basically just the absence of the senses of sight, sound, touch, taste, and smell. This is incredibly hard to imagine due to the fact that we can’t produce or relate to this state. But the fact is that there is a state to almost which closely resembles a void state, and this state is sleep. Here all of your senses except for sight and sound are wiped away and your time perception is distorted. That is a totally different story that will be contained in a later article.

Thus, in conclusion, I have shown how the mind grows up then dies. And with Occam’s Razor simply say that the consciousness ( soul, mind, ect. ect ) dies with the mind, proving the nonexistence of an after life and, ultimately, the nonexistence of a god.

A Void Promotes Insecurity

This void, this absence of time, space, sight, sound, life, taste, love, or touch. This scares everyone. Just thinking of the world without yourself here guiding, helping, caring for your loved ones is very scary. Well, it may not be so much that the void scares somebody, it’s the fact of dying that scares people. So we figure out a way to keep us alive forever…


Insecurity Begets A God

This insecurity, from the lack everything, every emotion, and everything else. And when people get scared and don’t know what is going to happen to themselves they make up stories.

The major and most prominent of these stories is the story of god. From the insecurity of death and a void, old, naïve, and archaic minds made up an elaborate and fantastic story about omnipotent, omniscient gods, creation stories of man, and an afterlife. The main thing we are looking at here is the afterlife.

Humans are scared of death, naturally. So they want to know they are going to live in an ethereal realm in eternal bliss. So they created a fantastic story about being good on earth will get you into a supposed “heaven,” whilst, being bad will get you into a “hell.” Basically, all religion is, is a security blanket. You don’t want to die so you make yourself believe that when you die, your going to live another life in eternal happiness.

All in all, with the creation of an afterlife, you need a creator or keeper, of this after. You make a god, give penance for what you have done bad, and believe you’re getting into “heaven.” When you truly believe this, you really have no self-esteem. Believing in an invisible being that will make you happy your whole life. What I say is, “You only live you life once, live it like you want to. Have fun the way you want to. A true omnibenevolent god wouldn’t have the heart to punish you for this.

With this insecurity man created a big, giant, the most fantastic, elaborate story ever told ( well… I wouldn’t say that. )




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