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Guitar ( Self Taught )

I have been playing guitar for a little over a year now. I've gotten pretty good, and I eventually want to become a guitar teacher with a minor in recording ( or the other way around. ) The picture to the right is of my acoustic that I have ( an acoustic Ibanez AGK10BK ) It is super super nice. The guitar at the bottom is an electric Ibanez GRX45, so awesome, I lowered the intonation so the playability is sweet and fast. For anybody wanting to buy a guitar an Ibanez is the way
to go. They aren't the cheapest thing out there but are pretty low cost and they are great guitars. I had my electric guitar for over a year and I probably broke about two strings and had absolutely no problems with it what-so-ever. So you want a guitar? Get an Ibanez!

Drums ( Semi Self Taught )

Drums I been playing over eight years. Well, let me correct myself, I been playing dinky snare drum for eight years. I have been playing drum set for about five. I'm really good at drums ( which I guess earns me the role of a drummer in Car Pool Mafia. ) I don't have a picture of my drum set due to the fact it is about five years old. It is so outdated and so crappy I basically have to put stickers all over it to keep it together. Geez, drummers these days!


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