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PRAISE Doodle-luck!

One stormy balmy Tuesday Doodle evening our travels took us to One Night Stan's in Hollywood, FL. We encountered some fantastic musicians and are pleased to announce that it is official, the Doodles have fulfilled the first step on their Doodle Mission. We have a BAND. Check back very soon for more in depth bios on all our seasoned band members. Vinnie, Guido, Phil, Spencer, Ricky and Stan have played with Sam & Dave, Wayne Cochran, and Three Dog Night to name just a few... Look for us Wednesday September 13th & September 20th, at Satchmo. Be sure to keep updated about our dates.

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the day we crashed the miami blues festival...

One fine Doodle Sunday we woke and heard the voice of The Doodle speak loudly to us. The voice of The Doodle said, "Doodle, I want you to go to Satchmo in Coral Gables, FL and be your best Doodles". We donned some Doodle suits, Doodle hats and Doodle sunglasses and set forth on our mission to the Miami Blues Festival.  The owner Harald Neuweg realized immediately that we were on a mission. He must have heard The Doodle voice also because he was very receptive and immediately gave us Doodle time on stage. The wonderful band known as Jimmy Hawkins & The Cyclones were kind enough to give us some of their time to spread the music of The Doodle. We'd like to really thank Harald, the staff at Satchmo, and especially Jimmy Hawkins & The Cyclones for sharing their stage with us.

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