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The Band is...

Some "Stray From Riot" Links~~~

The men of Stray From Riot
The origin of Stray From Riot
The Band's Equipment
Pictures Of Us
Stray From Riot's Guestbook
Touring Info
S.F.R. Chatroom

Where We Get and Who Makes Our Stuff~~~

Gibson Guitars
Fender Guitars
Marshall Amps
Hartke Amps
Sam Ash - The Music Superstore

Bands Who Kick @$$, Just As We Will~~~

Blink 182
Shades Apart
Foo Fighters

So, you've seen the website so far, what do ya think? Looks like crap right? Well we just made it so chill. We'll be adding band artwork and pictures when we get them together (AKA when Nick brings his camera). So keep lookin at this page for new stuff.

Stray From Riot

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And here's the time for ya.

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