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At the last reunion, it was unanimously agreed that the next event should be a cruise.In order to plan this next event we need your feedback and we would really appreciate it if you could provide us with the following info.

The cruise is being planned for May 2002 or December 2002 
1. What would be the best months for you?.....

Please provide 1st and 2nd & 3rd choices.
2. We have narrowed down the cruise choices to the following three


Caribbean Cruise (7 days)

Mexican Cruise  (7 days) 

      Eastern or Western?..(cost is app the same)
      Depart from Miami
      Cost app $1500.00 us (not including airfare)
      Departing from Los Angeles. 
     Cost app $1500.00 us (not including airfare

West coast Cruise #1

      West coast Cruise #2

       i)Available in April/may only
          Fly from Vancouver to Las Vegas (2 nights)
          Bus from Vegas to L.A. (1/2 days)
          L.A. (2 nights)
          Cruise from L.A. to Vancouver (3 nights)
          Party in Vancouver for another week!!!

       ii)Available in sept/oct only
          cruise from Vancouver to L.A.(3nights)
          Bus to vegas (1/2 days)
          Fly from Vegas to Vancouver
          Party in Vancouver!!!
          App cost is $1000.00 Cdn

     Please indicate your preferences as first, second and third, to either  Bashir Lalani[] or Agnelo Mascarenhas [] or or Franny Hassanali []. We will publish the results on this site in 3 to 6 months from now and of course you will get an e-mail with detail on reservations etc. So please keep in touch and visit this site as we get more detail information