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Open House......

A home with open arms welcoming friends to join the family. Franny and Salims Place, August 10th,2000  

Everyone that attended the open house will agree with me that the house was filled with love and affection. It was a setting where you could fulfill whatever your desires --- kind of like a dream world. - a garden of Eden with its good and its evil!(thank God there were no apple trees!!) Those who didn't attend will have to buy the video and will be envious of all. Here I go again selling. Ha ha……

    Franny and Salim went all out - their backyard was transformed into a garden party. Not any garden party but one with linen, fresh flowers, lounge chairs and handsome men and charming women. Our gourmet cook was Salim. He made fresh nans, kabab's, Chinese chicken, fried rice, dal, curries, …….and a ton of deserts. The guest brought goodies too - English chocolates from Pradeep, mogo from Rubina, dhokra from Yasmin, and English mithai from was it Satish or is it on the way???  

  We laughed, hugged, joked and cried.(The most popular phrase was…"Maro Pradeep…Maro Pradeep"…with apologies to Chandrika or was it Urmila?) It was a relaxed atmosphere - everybody was so comfortable. There were no boundaries - you could see friends holding hands, freely hugging and sharing their life experience. There was no judging just acceptance and encouragement - A state that can only be achieved between friends. Friends that truly care and wish the best for each other.

  Once again we had Nargis reminding us of the childhood games and teasing. I have to say she remembers the tiniest details - get her started and you are in for a laugh. Through out the video you can hear her giggles.

  We also had a fashion show - hosted by Maherun. The girls had a good time modeling and the guys stayed out of it - when it comes to the pocket book the guys stay out!!! - except Nasir Lalani who ………….

  Everybody sat around in the living room sipping tea - nobody really wanted to leave. Mudaber was the first one to make a move - his flight leaving that evening. The good-byes were emotional - lots of hugs and of course more pictures. This pattern continued until everyone was gone filling the room with happiness and sadness ….

  The clean-up crew had great difficulty focusing on work. They kept on goofing around (Nargis and the broom just couldn't get along!!!)- but somehow the work got done - Thanks to everyone for helping out except for Satish. (here I go again teasing you!)

  When I close my eyes and think back on the open house with all its warmth - I feel the theme of 'Friends Forever' has been cemented. That the special bond and the reunion tradition will go on forever. It is easy to be wrapped up into life's challenges but I hope we will remember the special feelings and make time for our friends. XOXOXOXO Bye for now - Tazmin and Rubina.

As we go on, We remember
All the times we had together
And as our lives change
Come whatever…………
We will still be



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