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We hope you have recovered from the reunion….

We certainly haven't!!

As a parting shot, we thought we would let all the organizers write a little bit,so that you would get everyone's perspective of the reunion. And what a surprise…we did not know that we had so much hidden talent!! The initial newsletter was 8 pages long…there was so much to write about…every event was important and just as much fun…however we have managed to bring it down to 5 pages!!!

For those of you who missed the reunion…what can I say???? After reading about it, you are going to make sure that you donot miss the next one…which I hear is being planned for the year 2002…as most people think 2005 is too far away

The feedback has been very slow coming in…. Please use the central e-mail, (password: vancouver) for feedback as well as to keep in touch with everyone..For those of you who donot own computers…you can use a friend's computer or even logon in an internet café and check the central e-mail and the website. The current website address is The new website should be ready soon and we will keep you informed. Please remember to log onto the new site, as it will have the pictures from the reunion. Before we post the pictures, I need to know from you if it is OK to post your pictures on the site. If you donot want your pictures on the site please e-mail or write to me by October 30th…. If I donot hear from you, your pictures will be on!!!!For those of you who did not attend, please send us a current picture, so that we can add you to our group picture – 

Lastly, I would like to thank you all once again for sharing in our celebration and making our reunion "THE REUNION OF THE MILLENIUM!!!!"……Special Thanks to all the spouses for putting up with us during this week. It seemed like we had been transported back in time and continued where we had left off 30 years ago.


Bye for now…..Franny

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