The Page For All The Special People Who Make FireBush! Happen

People we'd like to thank:
Not only are these people cool cause they're our friends and fans, but they've got a little sentence about some cool deed.

Natalie - Natalie got us into the school paper. How cool is that?
Brandi - Brandi came to our Overbrook show, and you gotta love that.
Smitty - Smitty is not only our number one fan, and roady, but he'll soon be our keyboardist.
Melissa - Melissa gives the greatest advice ever.
Mister Lake - He is only the coolest Government/American History teacher ever. And, hey, you just gotta love Rock and Roll Animal by Lou Reed. (He turned me onto this album, and it's GREAT)
Mister Luther - Mister Luther taught each and every lad in FireBush! in his English III class, and taught me a whole lot about what it's like to be a good person.
Butch - Butch is just awesome. He's fun to talk to, and even cooler to know.
Jessica - She was the closest to a Rock Princess that I ever knew in High School.
Josh Joplin - He is a personal friend of Dusty and Smitty. And also a very cool awesome rock star.
Heather - For always coming to shows.
The Tyler - Tyler was Dusty and James' manager, and he's a really awesome guy.
Robbie - You're just too cool.
Bill - For letting us know there's at least two Kansas kids rocking on their pink guitars.
Stubby and Lisa - For teaching volumes in hours.
Our fans - Without you, none of this would be possible
And anyone else that we want to thank and forgot.

People we would not like to thank:

Anyone who ever told us that we would fail
Former band members and their retarded girlfriends
Retarded Ex-Girlfriends
Anyone we hated in High School
Overbrook- just because it sux
Anyone else that we hate but forgot