Name: Smitty
Currently Listening To (Albums):
Project Wyze, Default, Reveille(who isn't?), Hefty Fine - BHG
All time Favorite Albums:
Reveille: Bleed the Sky; Jimmy Eat World, Bleed American; Linkin Park, Hybrid Theory
Favorite Songs:
Reveille - What You Got
Gear Used:
My trusty Alesis QS6.1

5 Questions:

Who or what inspired you to play keyboards?
uh, Dusty i guess.
What was the first song you mastered?
"He's got the whole world in his hand"(tee hee hee)
What is the one piece of gear you couldn't live without?
bwa?! what the dilly? what'dya thing?
Any Fashion Tips to Impart:
Live like it's the 80's, then i can laugh at you, and have a reason to.
Do you have any musical heroes?
Drew Simmolard of Reveille, and uh, Dusty of course. hehe

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