FireBush! Factoids

Who is FireBush!?
FireBush! is a three piece Punk band from Northeast Kansas.

Who are the guys in FireBush!?
Dusty: Dusty is the front man for the group. He is the lead singer/songwriter/guitarist and also guitar tech.
Smitty: Smitty is the bitch you fool!
James: James is the bassist/back-up vocalist. He is the P.A. master, and sets up the drums from time to time. He also helps with the website.
Jason: Jason is the all important drummer. He also sets up the drums.

How long have you guys been together?
As a three piece, since late August of 2000. As a four piece, January 2002.

What is a FireBush!?
Your guess is as good as ours. There is much debate even within the band on exactly what a FireBush! is. Nobody can ever really seem to decide. All that is agreed upon is that it is FireBush! brand rock!

Whoa, These guys are hot! Are they single?
James: Nope
Jason: Maybe.
Dusty: Not anymore!
Smitty: You bet your sweet bippy, he's not.

What does (insert lyric or song title here) really mean in (insert song here)?
Backroads Town: While Dusty refuses to disclose who the song is about, he says it's about a girl who has bigger dreams than the "Backroads Town" she lives in.
Fantastic: Another song in which Dusty doesn't disclose who the inspiration was, but it's about someone who is throwing their whole life away, and doesn't even know it.
Stunguns and Pepper Spray: Both stunguns and pepper spray are excellent things to use on a stalker, which the song is obviously about. By the way, FireBush! doesn't know anybody named Wendy. It's just a name Dusty picked.
MX-6: An MX-6 is the type of car that Dusty drives.

Do these guys have AOL/E-Mail?
Dusty: AOL = DustyIsAStar E-Mail =
James: AOL = Brain69697 E-Mail =
Jason: AOL = MasterDrummer99 E-mail =
Smitty: AOL = soLid prAnkstA E-Mail =

How old are these guys?
Dusty: 22
James: 22
Jason: 23
Smitty: 21(now totally legal)

I want to see these guys live! When is their next show?
Check out The Official FireBush! Gig Listing!

What is the "FireBush! Empire"?
The FireBush! Empire is what the FireBush! Fanbase is called. It's a take off of British Empire, which as we all know, the sun never sets on.

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