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Stupid Signs

Things you should know


John: Vocals and weird shit Chad: Guitars and darkness Bill: Guitars and stupid shit Deirdre: Bass and bananas Jon: Drums and loud shit

Ok now that you've made it past our little intro...more about us.

We're from Killeen, TX. We formed when me, John and Bill were at the lake drinking Zigenbock and wham it hit us. So here we are. We met Jon and Deirdre through a local music store...decided to jam together. We're working on our first song titled "Animals." Another result from late night jam sessions. But anywho, our sound is alot like a mixture of Deftones and Korn slapped together.

Our major influences include:

Korn Deftones Smashing Pumpkins Papa Roach

You can find more on us in our individual bios. I'll try to keep this sight as up dated as I can. Enjoy. Oh and please don't forget to sign the guest book...


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