Chapter 1: Baby Blue Dress
Chapter 2: Sprite
Chapter 3: I'm Not!
Chapter 4: Until Tomorrow
Chapter 5: What Did You Say?!
Chapter 6: Worth It
Chapter 7: True Confessions
Chapter 8: Truth or Dare
Chapter 9: Pregnant
Chapter 10: In The Shadows
Chapter 11: Sex, Drugs & Popstars
Chapter 12: Group Therapy
Chapter 13: Suite 1016 [up next]

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*Backstreet to Main Street
It's a BSB story where they have no idea what sex is and stuff. It's funny
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*Dancing Queen
Fatima leaves the boys a new dance instructor who is young and beautiful. Nick and Kelliegh have their differences but can Nick get past her dance ablities which are increasingly better then his own? Find out!
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*Missing You Like Crazy
Ashley and Crystal went out for a year and then Ashley broke her heart. Now a year later shes in the newest girl group and hes in the newest boyband. They have the same management and are about to go on tour together. Ashley wants Crystal back, but she wont have a thing to do with him. How can he prove to her that he is missing her like crazy?
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*.::*Summer Love*::.
Bestfriends, Katelynn and Lindsey, are working at a hotel in housekeeping and stumble upon the boys room. Love blossoms. Unfinished. Trust me you'll be hooked! Story includes sexual content and profanity.
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